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18 July 2008 - 03:05

zu viel Stress

Every time we get stressed, a pounding starts in my ears. It drowns everything out, and it's only the thump, thump, thump of my heart against my brain.

SVL: Work is really stressing me out right now. Drawing didn't help, and that's a damn first for me.

NINJA: It's 'cause you're such a damn push-over, Svl. You let them bosses walk right over you. An' what's worse, ya got Grizzler wit' ya', fuckin' brown-noser.

GRIZZLY: Watch your mouth.

NINJA: You watch yours! "Running their mouths again"? What the fuck was that, dawg? That was unprofessional, and you lack balls. Diego and Tom were right-

GRIZZLY: My ass, they're right! They don't care about the Local Sort! They're just trying to push everyone's buttons so they can hightail it back to the Preload! They don't give a damn, Ninja, and you know it!

NINJA: And what makes Boone any better? He's worse, if anything, because he works at night, he should be lookin' out for us! But he be just like you, fuckin' kissin' ass to Ribelin. And c'mon, Grizz! You don't even like Ray Ribelin! Why're you suddenly stickin' up fer that bitch?

GRIZZLY: I never was--

NINJA: By lickin' Boone's balls, who ya think you're helpin'? You're losin' focus, man--

SVL: And this is what gets our head pounding in the first place.

POLLA: Ninja, if you didn't like Grizz's comments so much, you should've kept his mouth shut. You have the power.

NINJA: No, bitch, I don't. We're both frontrunners, our "power" runs equal. He cain't control me jus' like I cain't control him.

POLLA: Well then take back what he said to Boone! You should've taken it back right then and there!

NINJA: And what? Look like a total whack-job? Do you have any idea what we woulda sounded like? "Well, I'm just letting you know, Juan, that those Article-22 guys are gonna stir some shit up for us at night, and... wait, they're right! They have every right to stir shit up, 'cause you ain't doin' shit for us at night! So you know, word of caution and all that, because these guys are gonna get everyone started, especially me n' all." Please.

SVL: Not to mention the switch in accents.

NINJA: Exactly. But now how do we fix it? We's got ta do somethin' 'bout this situation! Can't let them supervisors do everything, 'cause obviously they ain't doin' shit!

SVL: Are you done now? I just wanted you to vent before bed to see if it would help our head some.

POLLA: Fat chance of that happening, Sally. I feel the pulsings stronger now.

SVL: I already told you people not to call me that!

NINJA: An' the only pulsin' goin' on's prob'ly between yer legs.

POLLA: Asshole!

GRIZZLY: Enough already! We need to get to bed! Where's Piojo, anyway?

YANG: I think he's retired now. Don't see or hear from him much since the Prophet disappeared.

BB: Yeah, that doesn't help this matter much either, does it? Piojo may be an asshole, but he's so level-headed, mostly because he's so cold. He can always see things from a completely foreign point-of-view. *sigh* I really miss having him constantly around. He always makes me feel safer.

NINJA: Wouldn' count on him showin' up anytime soon, tho'.

POLLA: I know. Fucker.

SVL: Well obviously we're gonna have to figure this one out on our own. It's what we've been aching to do for years, no? Learn to work smoothly without our protector? What are we bitching now for? We brought this on ourself!

YANG: *groan* See, now I'm getting dizzy. Can we please just all learn to get along? I really want to sleep! And we haven't even put away the food yet!

NINJA: Holy shit fuck! I's forgot 'bout that!

SVL: Word. Yang, if you hadn't told us, that stuff would've stayed on the stove until tomorrow morning. Just when we told mom not to worry about that kinda thing anymore too.

GRIZZLY: So what are we waiting for? Let's hop to it, then! Damn computer's buggin' to restart anyway. Maybe a bit of activity will help ease our mind's troubles.

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