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10 August 2012 - 10:11

the waiting room

Polla sits demurly on the black cushioned leather chair, one leg curled underneath her. We're at the clinic right now, waiting to get our long past-due physical. We already filled out the new-patient paperwork. We had a quick shower before coming here, making sure to scrub down there especially thoroughly. I feel tense. Gisita's downright scared. I'm actually glad for Polla right now. Never thought she'd come in handy, to be honest. I guess the Prophet was right when it said long ago that we all serve a purpose here. Polla's keeping us cool and aloof, all prim and proper in a way I know none of us could have done. (I'm proud of you, babe. Aw, thanks!)

We dressed rather casually for the occasion. That was Svl's idea. And I see his point. No use in dressing up nice if we're probably gonna end up stripping. Again, I'm trying not to think about that part. So I distract ourself with this, and with the Olympic canoe races playing on the flatscreens in the lobby.

I really hope this doesn't take too long. I don't wanna be here until noon.

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