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10 June 2019 - 14:04


My skin is covered in a thin layer of sweat. I'm slightly dizzy. Not sure if it's dehydration or diabetes. I'm thinking it's the latter.

I haven't taken my pills since Saturday. I know, that's really irresponsible of me, but I couldn't find them, and didn't really bother to look for them after a while. I feel completely defeated. Deflated and defeated. My shoulders sag.

"C'mon, Grizzler, lighten up!" I hear my brother's voice, but it sounds very far away. Within the Closet, all is dimness and still. I wish he would take over the body; this is his workplace anyway.

I'm stumbling over backwards from my workstation. Thank goodness I have a chair to fall back into. But I sat on my work bag. Oh, well. *shrugs*

I know it's best that I'm the one fronting right now. Everyone else is beat, even Sal. BB's been nearly hysterical, breaking us out into uncontrollable crying out of the nothing, at random times. I'm beat, too, who the hell am I kidding? But I've been designated as "the most level-headed of the bunch" by my peers, so, hey, Grizzly, shut up and get out there! Our only other choice is probably Piojo. I'd welcome him right now, but the others don't want that. He'll forget to have us eat, they say.

Speaking of, I'm starting to get hungry. Haven't eaten since dinner last night, and that just consisted of some milk ("YUM!" I hear Jack's happy echo in the background) and a pumpkin empanada. That just reminded us of 'Apa and Papo, which made BB tear up again. I'm sorry, B.

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