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23 June 2014 - 21:56

the day before

I've been horrible today. Horrible, and I can't blame my multiplicity for it. Not one of us alone is responsible for me acting like a dick.

NINJA: They's say dat, but I's know most of th'blame lies wit' me. I'm tired righ' now, mostly, but I'm also still pissed off. An' I ain't sorry. Jus' f'r th'record. I. Ain't. Sorry. Fer SHIT.

GRIZZLY: You should be. At least for Mom.

NINJA: Yeah, maybe f'r th'ol' lady. But not for Art.

BB: Ninja! I think we should all be sorry for all of it, including for how we treated Art today.

POLLA: Things were horrible today. We were arrogant, defiant and rude. To everyone around us, until "Mr. Thug" here got tired out of our blood and Piojo decided to take over. Not that he's much help, socially. I was dying to apologize, but I couldn't! I freaking hate you guys sometimes!

YANG: Isn't this the conversation we've been having for years now? In any case, I'm not even sure it's fair for any of us to judge anyone. Just chalk it up as a bad day, and move on from it.

SVL: I second that notion.

POLLA: Well, I don't! We can't keep doing this, you guys!

GRIZZLY: Everyone shut up already, okay? These discussions never get us anywhere anyway. If there's anyone here who's gonna be flinging shit at others, please let me know now so I can have Piojo stifle you to sleep. I need to have a word, a rational word, with those responsible for today's actions. Namely: Ninja, Yang, Piojo and Yowlie, please. Everyone else: get the fuck out of the headspace.

BB: It's not fair, Grizzly! We should all have a say in this!

GRIZZLY: Later, B. Please. I'm really tired.

*all fade except for those called upon*

GRIZZLY: Ok, now let's go over what the hell happened, shall we? We were doing alright earlier! What triggered this?

MB: I was hungry, and I couldn't eat.

NINJA: I's got impatient when 'Ama took for narfin' ever t'get outta work, 'cause I knew we's wouldn' have time t'eat. It all started to go downhill from there.

YANG: It goes deeper than that, y'know. It actually all stemmed from yesterday afternoon, over at Ro'isela's house. I think the pressure's starting to build. This whole weeked was crappy. We haven't been very happy lately. And don't things always seem to point in Toty's general direction when we get like this? But I mean, enough already, people! We can't let ourself get that affected over shit like this! It's her life, not ours!

NINJA: Easier said than done, mate. It ain't like I'm conciously tryin' t'get riled up 'bout all this shit.

YOWLIE: With me, it was just that I was hungry. I had papa, a little bit, so I'm okay now. I was okay before we went to work.

GRIZZLY: I think we were all doing better once we came in to work. The mentoring went by okay. BB was in charge of that, and she was pretty happy. She likes these new kids, and is comfortable teaching them. When did the switch happen again?

YANG: Once we were in International again. We started feeling dizzy, remember? I don't know if it was dehydration, the multiplicity, or the diabetes. Maybe a little of all three. Ninja took over then.

NINJA: I's felt tired, dawg. But I's didn' mind too much. I's remember talkin' t'Svl then, an' BB. Even Moco came over t'help a little bit. I's couldn' shake off the vertigo.

GRIZZLY: Then David and Art got there. We were fine then, too. I remember we were anticipating some kind of banter between Art and us because of that digital Post-It note we left on his monitor on Friday. But he didn't mention it, and we didn't push it. At that point, I wasn't sure if he'd be upset or not. I don't even think he read it through completely.

NINJA: I's started gettin' pissed off when the fucker disappeared on us. There was a shitload of work, an' he was gone. I's know he was probably settin' up his smalls scanner n' whatnot, but I's still got pissed. What fuckin' convenient timing, the bastard. An' th'more I's thought 'bout it, while I's was bustin' my ass, I's figured he's did it on purpose 'cause of th'note from Friday. By th'time he's got back n' shit, I's didn' wanna see him. I wanted t'punch him in the fuckin' face. Moco was tryin' t'calm me down that whole time.

GRIZZLY: But it wasn't just that, Ninja, we all know it. That's just the excuse you used to be an asshole.

NINJA: I's don't like him, dawg. An' y'all's been pushin' me t'talk to the guy. It was a warnin' to him, as well as the rest of you dumb fucks: y'all want a conversation between me an' that fucker, what happened t'day's gon' happen a whole lot fuckin' more. 'Cause that be th'way I's would get along wit' him. In other words: not at all.

24-June-2014, 00:24 Hrs.
GRIZZLY: We had to take a break from this discussion because we were still working. *sigh* I'm really tired, guys. And it's not the normal kind, either; I'm emotionally exhausted. I'm too tired to even feel guilty anymore. I just want to sleep and get today over with. I do think we've caused some damage to our relationship with Art. I mean, it was so obvious that we were angry. It's been years since you've acted out so violently at work, Ninja.

NINJA: I's wanted t'kick his ass an' face in.

GRIZZLY: Right, right, we've established that. For what it's worth, I'm sorry I've been trying to convince you to talk one-on-one to Art. I honestly thought, and still think, that you'd be the best one of us suited to speak to him about us as individuals. I didn't realize it was putting such a gigantic strain on you. Not to mention, I still don't know why you're so hostile towards him.

NINJA: All Outsiders lie. N' maybe I's jus' been hangin' out wit' Piojo too much. Or more's like, now I's know what it be like t'do his job. I's ain't cut out t'be a Protector, I'll tell y'that. In th'end, this fucker (points with his thumb) had t'step in an' calm my ass down.

YANG: What am I, chopped liver?

NINJA: Y'helped too, dawg. I's enjoyed break t'day, even though we's be all bummed out then. I's haven't had a chance t'jus' sit down n' talk wit' ya no more. We's need t'go out n' get a drink some night.

YANG: And a smoke. *laughs* But not because we're depressed or anything this time, okay? But just, y'know, because.

NINJA: Yeah.

GRIZZLY: Well, Yowlie's asleep now, and it's late. We should be heading home soon. Before we end this, do any of you want to add anything? Piojo? You've been awfully quiet this whole time. Anything you wanna say?

PIOJO: ... No. We have gone through this cycle before. *tilts head to side* Actually, there is only one thing I want to say, and it is to Ninja specifically.

NINJA: *raises eyebrow* What is it?

PIOJO: No apologies. No guilt. What has been done is done. We all function as one. It was our choice the entire time.

NINJA: *deep breath* Yeah, okay.

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