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19 December 2008 - 16:35

Who let the dogs out?

Well, it happened. Midnight got loose again. This morning, and then again this afternoon. I just came inside from tying him up again. Thank God he didn't bite anyone, at least I don't think he did. No one's screamed outside, and no one's come barging up to the house, torches blazed.

BB's really worried, though. We can't let this happen again. This weekend, I'm measuring the barda. I have to. I'll do it Saturday, when I get back from work. At least the panels in the front, those have to get done very soon. We'd dwell on this subject (it's got us very worried), but we gotta go to work (which also has us worried, leaving the dogs alone). We're probably gonna muzzle Midnight before we head out.

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