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02 December 2013 - 15:08

Welcome to the Tombs


We were driving home from the grocery store earlier today, talking to ourself, as usual. Ninja and I were talking about how things were a few years back. Two years ago, I think. 2011, the year of the great Fading. Well, we're all back now, and doing relatively well, I'd say, but since neither of us Faded, we were wondering aloud what happened to those of us who did. So we asked Svl, since he's a frontrunner too, but faded along with the rest. He furrowed our brow as we drove, trying to concentrate.

"I... don't really know," he said slowly, frowning. "I must've been asleep, I guess." And when we pushed the subject he blinked a few times, as though trying to clear our brain.

A strange thing happened then. We got a brief memory flash; the sensation of laying down in a coffin, stale, cool air. A dimly lit space in our mind, all shades of gray, walls of stone. Coffins lined the walls all around, resting upon naturally occuring shelves of stone. Closed coffins, some looked dusty, others shiny and new, all of them, all of them closed. All of them black with silver linings. Piojo was there, but not in a coffin. He stood in that tiny coffin cove, bare scarred feet on cold stone floor, barely moving, watching, guarding. His scarred skin looked ashen by the tiny bit of light. It made him seem... older, somehow.

Anyhow, I thought I'd document that, in case we ever see that place again. Svl didn't seem afraid of that memory, and just shrugged the whole thing off, like he has a habit of doing. He said the place wasn't necessarily unpleasent, and that it reminded him of Piojo; not comforting, yet safe and still. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was something Ninja pointed out, that I honestly hadn't even noticed myself: those coffins, they seemed endless. Way more than just twelve. And even if there were only twelve, shouldn't there only be ten? Piojo himself shouldn't need one if he's a caretaker of sorts, and Prophet is ethereal - no body for a casket. (Maybe an urn?) So who's in all the boxes? It reminds me of that Spook guy Yang mentioned meeting before. If there are others there, other mees... well, I just hope those lids are on tight. Twelve is more than enough. (But we said the same thing when there were only nine we knew about, then eleven. I wonder if we have any control over this at all, and perhaps it's only a matter of time.)

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