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01 April 2020 - 16:50

at work again (A.K.A. "can't think of a better title")

I think they're going to have Mariana upstairs today because Alex called in. I'm... not really looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, we get along with her alright, but I feel as though our relationship is highly hypocritical, at least on our part. Ninja thinks she's a bit needy. Not that she craves attention. We mean in the aspect of work we do. She tends to want to keep all the volume for herself, and it annoys us to no end. Especially me, since let's be real, I'm the same damn way. I hoard work because I like a challenge. Also, I'm highly competitive. Seems she's similar enough in that sense to where I don't like her.

We had a longish four-way text chat earlier today with Gloria, Josie and Alex. Gloria says she misses us. Even though she acts otherwise, I'm sure Alex misses her, too. Ninja usually zones both of them out while we work (I do, too), so I haven't really felt the void.

Uh-oh. Turks just came on, but there's no audio. I can see them scrambling to fix it. Man, I love TYT. Despite the tech issues they're experiencing now, they're actually doing really well. Right now, there's no volume flowing up to our work area, so we've got nothing to do. Sucks balls, and I'm slightly tempted to go downstairs and see if I can help Ground Smalls. Fuck it, we'll make more stickers.

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