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06 September 2019 - 14:55


Headmusic (both inside and outside the Closet) is Kumbia Kings.

NINJA: Good shit. I's approve.

Chris was jus' here a bit ago, bitchin'. He be complainin' 'cause hardly anyone showed up fer the PTS account. Why's he cryin' t'me fer?

Anyhow, we's decided to update this shit 'cause we's hadn't fer a long time, an' we's got minutes t'kill fer now. Honestly, I'd rather them let me go's home. It be humid as shit t'day, dawg. I's don' mind work, but I's mind the weather. An' we's already pretty much took care of the work we's had here. Fer my department, I's mean. *shrug* At least the music be good. *grin*

GRIZZLY: Aw, the keyboard's starting to stick again. I don't know how the hell it is we type that we always end up fucking up all our keyboards. I really hope Chris doesn't come by over here again to check on what we're doing.

XVL: Hey, let's discuss that graphic novel we just read last night. It was really good!

GRIZZLY: Care to give a review?

XVL: Dude, the artwork was awesome! I love the sketchiness of it all, and I appreciate the attention given to the backgrounds. It wasn't at a manga level of detail, of course, but for a western comic book, it was pretty damn good. Excellent, even. And the subtle changes in certain character's expressions that still conveyed strong emotions... I can tell why Murphy's star rose so quickly in the comic book industry.

GRIZZLY: I meant commentary on the storyline, dumbass.

XVL: Oh, yeah, that was okay, too. I like that he admitted that storytelling isn't his strong suit and that he had to study that aspect of the comicking craft. Reminded me of myself, although he's lightyears ahead of me, art-wise. I'm much better at drawing other people's stories. I couldn't write a good story worth crap. That's what you're there for, I guess. *shrugs*

GRIZZLY: Fair enough. I actually wanted to touch up on another topic: Angel.

XVL: Again. *rolls eyes*

NINJA: Dawg, give it a rest already!

GRIZZLY: I can't! I fear we've pushed the kid too far away, and that we're losing him. Eventually, we won't even know him anymore.

XVL: But by that regard, does he even really know us? Does anyone? We only show Outsiders the parts of us we want them to see, even 'Ama. It's mainly BB and the kids who interact with her; sometimes Moco playing the good son, or you when topics get a bit more serious. And she's probably the person we're closest to, outside. She's our mother, and she doesn't really know us either. She's never even met Shifter or Prophet, I don't think. So, yeah, Angel is going to only show us the part of him that he wants us to see. I don't think he does it on purpose. He just acts as our nephew around us, and that's different as to how he would interact with, say his sister. We can't have that type of relationship with him. Just be glad he has that type of confidential relationship with some of his siblings.

NINJA: Also, puberty.

GRIZZLY: Well, Sugey just came to get us to go help Josie. Guess we'll continue this conversation later.

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