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25 December 2019 - 21:30


[Head Music tonight is, fittingly, "Happy Xmas" by John Lennon.]

This year was a very... how should I put it? Unusual? Unconventional? Kinda sad? All of the above. An "All of the Above" Christmas. We didn't see our sister or the kids, didn't participate in the annual toy drive from work, and didn't have Christmas dinner. Instead, we spent nearly all day on a six hour road trip to meet some family and drop off gifts. We spent three hours to get there, then about another four hanging out inside a Burger King with my aunt and uncle, then took another three to get back. We took Mowgli along for the ride, because he still needs regular feedings, and when we got back, Beasters was gone. She's been in heat for the past few days, and it only got worse once Cedric broke into the dining room through a window. (Cedric's a stray cat. He's Siamese-like with gorgeous blue eyes, but that probably just means he's related to my cat somehow, through her mom's side. Not that cats give a shit.) Well, she seems to have snuck out of the house, and seeing as how Cedric's no longer mewing at our bedroom window, looking for Bestia, I'm sure that means they eloped. BB is devastated, and very worried. Mom and Ninja are sure she'll come back, banged up, I'm sure, but there's nothing we can do about it now. We tried to console her, and I'm glad, for one, that we have Mowgli to keep her occupied. Helps her from breaking down and sobbing, since she hand-raised Beasters from about the same age Mowgli is now, and we've had her for twelve years now. Although, she still got a little choked up despite Mowgli cuddles and licks, and I know she won't be at ease until our cat comes back. If she does, 'cause, let's be real. She's probably having a grand old time, and was pretty jealous of little Mowgles.

So yeah, this is Christmas. No family, surrounded by mess, missing a cat, and stressing about it. Okay, so, I'm not stressing about that stupid cat, but I know BB is, so by extension... you get the idea.

Now Mom's nodding off. Today drained her. We were supposed to watch the Democratic Primary Presidential debate that she missed out on a while back, but I really don't think we'll get to it. She's too tired; I'm too frustrated. Anyhow, at least we got tamales from our Tia out of this day. We forgot to get them down from the car. I'll go get them, and then I guess we'll all turn in for the night. Well, after we feed the chicken.

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