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18 August 2004 - 23:28

a conversation

SVL: We brought Sarian along to mom's work today.

NINJA: She's a dike. But a cool fat one!

POLLA: Ninja! How rude! Calling her fat!

GRIZZLY: You're not that thin yourself either, dude.

NINJA: What? I said she was kewl, didn't I? I think she's kewl. But ya gotta admit, she is fat.

POLLA: Toty's right. You are a jerk-off.

NINJA: Did she call me a jerk-off? I thought you said that!

POLLA: It's 'cause we all think you suck, Ninja.

NINJA: Fuck you.

SVL: Well, we gotta run. Peace out, all.

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