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30 August 2004 - 10:50

(Day of the Half-Asleep) zOmBiEs....

*SVL groans and puts his head in his arms*

MOCO: �Que tienes?

SVL: I'm tired...

NINJA: I think we're all like that right now... *he patts the tiny lump underneath Piojo's quilt that is Gis*

MOCO: �Esta dormida?

PIOJO: S�...

GRIZZLY: Lucky her, we still gotta stay awake for our next class.

YANG: Still, I expect it won't be so bad... after all, it's literature, and don't you like that stuff, Grizz?

GRIZZLY: Yeah, but not when I'm sleep deprived.

*BB yawns and leans against Grizzly*

BB: Where's Jack, anyway?

PIOJO: Esta aqui, under the quilt.

MOCO: �Tambien?

SVL: Lucky alien...

BB: And what about the Prophet?

PIOJO: Don't worry about it.

*all are silent for a moment*

NINJA: Dawg, I need a shot of Red Bull or some shit! I'm gon' fall off this damn chair!

POLLA: Tell me about it! *cuddles next to Yang* I don't know, just wake me up when it's all over...

SVL: Huh, good luck on that! It's not gonna be over any time soon, believe me on that! We've still got to go to work after school!

POLLA: Oh, I hate this!

YANG (with a yawn): Don't we all...

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