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2004-03-21 - 18:39

this is the e-mail that Jack sent... or tried to, anyway


POLLA: Hey! I haven't talked to you since, like, for, like, EVER!!!!!!

NINJA (makin' fun of Polla): Oh my GAWD, girl? How ya' been? Is that a new hairdo? Oh, you look ab-so-LUTE-ly toodelish!

POLLA: Shut up, you!

NINJA: Shut me up!

POLLA: What?! You think I won't?!

BB:Hi Maria! Please ignore those two. You know how they are. But how have you been? Thanks for all your presents!

NINJA: Presents? Aw nuts! Now we gotta get HER some!

POLLA: So? Stop being so selfish, you stupid prick!

BB: Right... er, I'll you some stuff for Jim, OK? And I hope Forest-baby grows back to her normal size too. We moved Cooki to another tree so she won't be so far from Midnight, and she outgrew her collar too. Now she's wearing the red harness that used to be Knightmare's.

GRIZZLY: And we've got some bad news too, but we'll either tell you by phone or I'll e-mail you later, 'cause if not BB'll start crying here in the library. Catch you later.

SVL: Peace!

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