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31 December 2005 - 01:04

bedtime and bapps

Jack bapped Aaron over the head today, and I must say, that felt good!

JACK: Jack likes bapps! JACK LIKES THE BAPPS!!!
NINJA: Yeah, we know, Jackie-boy. We's all like da bapps.
JACK: Yeay!
POLLA: Poor Aaron! Do you think he minded much? I mean, the poor thing was sick and everything! Maybe we made his head hurt!
NINJA: He be so hard-headed; I's doubt it.
YANG: And he wasn't sick, Polla. He had a hangover, which is different.
GRIZZLY: We are getting sick, on the other hand. We need to sleep so we can get plenty of rest and get better soon. I'm not too keen on going back to work on Tuesday with a fever and shit.
POLLA: Me neither; we'd look so icky!
SVL: Sheesh.
JACK: Jack liked the bapping of the Aaron, but Jack would have preferred to make the chibi-chibis on the Aaron's head!
BB: Yes, honey, I'm sure that would've been better.
NINJA: Aw, the bappin' wasn' too bad. It's not like we smacked him that hard or anything. Not as hard as I'd've liked to, anyway...
POLLA (sharply): What was that?
YANG: Nothing, he meant nothing, babe.
POLLA: Good. Damn idiot.
*Da Ninja begins to protest, but Yang interceeds, quietly whispering to his best friend*
MOCO: �Ya duermanse, culeros!
GRIZZLY: C'mon, everyone. Sit still, Jack, stop squirming and go lie down, there you go...
JACK: Jack didn't want to hurt anyone, Jack just likes the bapps! And the chibis-chibis!
GRIZZLY: I know, I know. I'm sure you didn't hurt Aaron, Jack, okay? He's a big guy, he can stand a little bap on the head. I'm sure he won't mind if you do it again on Tuesday, even. Now go to sleep and dream nice things, 'k?
*Jack yawns and nodds, rubbing his one large eye sleepily*
BB: And now it's our turn. C'mon, guys, let's go to bed.

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