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23 December 2005 - 03:35

'cause right now, I'm on the edge...

The Trio is in dispute right now. The entire Clan is in an uproar.

Everyone's confused, because Toty's come down from New Jersey to visit, and T�o Crus died on the same day she got here. And then, there's Alexis. Ugh. Bastard.

GRIZZLY: I thought we could get along, at first. I thought I could get past the grudge I'd gotten from our first encounter so long ago. But I was wrong. Again. How disappointing.
SVL: I know. God, how I hate him!
NINJA: Is he tryin' ta piss me off, dawg?! Somehow it feels like he is, y'know?
YANG: I hate him.
GRIZZLY: Go back to sleep, Yang, you're not letting us concentrate.
YANG: Sorry. But I still hate his ass.

NINJA: He mocks us, dawg, mocks us! Who the fuck he think he is?! Mo'fucker! I's can't stand 'im, I's swear I can't. An' we ain't in no mood ta deal wit' dis shit, seriously, dawg.
GRIZZLY: I know we're not, but we've gotta pull together now. We've got to!
SVL: Gah, I feel so tense! All my muscles are bunched up, I swear!
PIOJO: Duerman todos. I shall take things from here.

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