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19 September 2015 - 15:48

lonely conversation

We're still here. Crap. At least we get to sit in the dark. Still trying to get used to this tiny keyboard, which, sure, is way better than trying to type with our thumbs, but still sucks ass, at least for our right hand, which has less space to work with. Still, the keyboard lights up badass, and I like the changing colors.

What are we doing here again?

Xvl: What do you mean? You're the one who decided typing some more was a good idea.

Grizz: Are you going to stylize your name like this from now on?

NINJA: Food smells good.

MOCO: La hizo 'Ama, a huevo que huele bien.

POLLA: Ooo, I like the beat to this song! BigBang, isn't it? And now it's Dumb-Dumb by Red Velvet! This song is so catchy! Makes me wanna dance!

NINJA: Yeah, beat's a'ight. Still wanna leave, though. Like, fer good. I really don' feel like socializing, or even tryin', fer that mattter.

YANG: So we ask again, Grizz: what are doing here? Why have us all active like this? All it's doing is making us all uncomfortably aware of where we are, and it's making the body overy warm.

BB: To be fair, the kids weren't summoned. They're keeping pretty quiet.

GRIZZLY: Sorry, guys. I guess I just don't feel like facing this alone for once. Ninja always keeps his hostility activated full blast while we're here, and it's difficult for me to navigate this alone.

YANG:: So call on Piojo to handle this.

GRIZZ: Do you really think that's the best alternative here?

NINJA: No, th'best thing fer us would be t'leave.

GRIZZLY: Speaking of which, look, Mom's done eating. Now we can go to the store. It's one way to get out of here, even if only temporarily. But before we do any of that, we really need to go apologize to Angel. There was no need to snap at him like that just now.

NINJA: I didn' snap.

GRIZZLY: You were sarcastic and rude. He's nine, and asked a perfectly innocent, valid question. Now, quit being a dick, man, I'm sick of you. Go talk to your nephew.

NINJA: *sigh* A'ight.

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