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12 May 2020 - 13:34

Estar Guars

GRIZZLY: So, yeah, I was mentioning yesterday how I'm on a Maulsoka binge. I've already written two short stories (they're not complete, of course, and knowing me, they're gonna keep growing until I get over my obsession). I should eat something, but Jaime's up here with me, and I don't like eating in front of people. Yesterday, we got a shitload of work, and I'm hoping today's not a repeat of that. I mean, it's not even the end of the month, for frigg's sake. Tomorrow morning, we go in to get our MRI done on our knee, which is about damn time. Now, all I gotta do is remember to look for the damn clinic's address and the time for the appointment. Yes, I already misplaced it. We're hella disorganized. Our room's a mess, and now that 'Ama's not there, it's only bound to get worse. I need to take a day to clean up my shit. She's only going to be gone for two weeks, and this one is halfway done, or at least feels like it, and we're only making things at home worse.

But I digress. Back to my fanficking. :P I keep having all these daydreams about Maul and Ahsoka travelling the galaxy, forming some weird platonic friendship and then falling in lurve. Which is stupid, because c'mon, it never happens, and Maul dies by Obi-Wan's blade when they're both old. Honestly, I don't know what it is about those two that makes me imagine them together in my Headcanon. I actually started looking up "Ahsoka Maul ship" before I even knew there was a name for it. At first, I thought I was the only dumbass shipping these two, because when I Googled that term, I came up with literally images of Ahsoka's ship in Rebels, or Maul's. Or images of them fighting.

And then I came across Tumblr. Holy shit, my people, where the fuck were you all hiding?! That's where I learned of the term for the couple: Maulsoka. I was delighted, especially with some of the tender images, but the fanfic... whew, that's an entirely different beast altogether. Most of these writers are in their early twenties, and probably watch/read a lot of porn, and it comes across. And yes, okay, I fantasize about shit like that too, okay? But I've never written that shit down. I'm almost embarrassed to. But Jim Gaffigan's right: that is my McDonald's. I won't read all of it, but I do consume quite a bit of it, then mull over it and write stuff down myself. I tell myself that my shit's more realistic, but is there really a difference, when deep down, I'm thinking about similar things. At least some of these kids have the guts to write it down. I mean, sure, they'll have to live with those stories later on down the road, but that's on the. Maybe they'll look back on those stories fondly. Maybe they'll still like that sort of stuff in fifteen years.

I've come across some pretty hilarious gifs ruminating through those threads, though. I really like the Obi-Wan cruising around Mustafar while Anakin burns down below. It's so funny.

14:57 There's also stuff I keep learning about Star Wars through all this, and that's because I'm not even a die-hard Star Wars fan. Don't get me wrong: I greatly enjoy the series.

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