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15 August 2005 - 03:36

dat's what it's all a-bout!

Mar�a called us an' asked us ta pick 'er up from work, so I's went. Polla said she lost a lotta weight. An' she did. It worried me. I could tell she's got problems. An' I wuz right, dawg, cuz when I drove 'er home, she began ta tell me all about 'em, her problems at work. An' she wuz cryin'. My buddy, my pal, she cried. An' all's I's wanted ta do wuz hold her, all's I wanted ta do wuz tell 'er dat it would be okay.

But I didn't. Because I'm a coward like that. I'm afraid she'll find out how much I love her, how much she means to me, to all of us here inside my head.

Except me.

Except you, you bastard. And maybe the Prophet. But other than that.

Yeah, I's be a coward, dawg. I's be scared of what I's feel fer her sometimes. I's just wanted ta stroke her hair. But I's think that wuz more Jack than me.

*Yang smiles*

I think it was the both of you, Ninja.

She's my friend, yo! I's jus' wan' protect her n' shit, is all.

I know. Kinda the way I do for Polla.

Nah, it's diff'rent than dat, dawg. Mar�a's family, but of a differ'nt sort. I's kinda wanna tell her sometimes, that I's love her n' shit. But I's always hold back. Cuz there be Piojo lookin' at me like the way he's lookin' at me now.

You are an idiot.

Whatever, yo.

We cannot count on anyone other than ourself in this world. Because everyone will leave us sooner or later. Everyone will fade. Your mother and father will. Your coworkers. Your so-called friends. Even BB's precious animals. In this world, we will always end up alone.

Dat ain't true, tho!

Oh? It's what you believe, deep inside. I can see your thoughts. I am merely repeating them to you, bringing them into the dark light of truth.

You suck.

Big ones.

*The scarred man laughs a hollow laugh. Laughter never reaches his dead eyes. Never.*

Enough of this. We need to sleep.

That's right, Mr. Tempermental Artist, you need your beauty sleep, don't you?

Damn straight. Now just please shut up and let me rest. We'll be up in two hours, and you'll regret this conversation then.

Ya sound like Grizzly, man.

Well duh. He is me - or part of me - after all.

Now you sound like Piojo.

Just go to sleep already!

Fine. We's gon' see Mar�a t'morrow anyway.



Si Dios quiere.

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