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08 July 2024 - 17:06

another story rant

GRIZZLY: Okay, we all know what this is...

I find myself struggling to write Molly's story. And you know my theory on fiction: most people tend to write a story based on a single scene, an idea that lights up in their brain one day and refuses to leave. Thing is, once you exorcise that idea by writing it out, the euphoria fizzles. Many times, the story dies, unfinished. I wonder sometimes if this is what's going on with my Molly.

Then again, I have the entire story outlined, for many, many chapters to come. I know how her story ends, both for Miseducation and beyond. Her death scene plays out in my mind at random times, and I weep for my baby girl.

So, why the struggle? Is it because I didn't think this part of the story through as much as I should have? But how much can you plan out your tales ahead of time without sucking the joy out of them? How much should be research, a recipe to follow?

I know that I need Molly's blindfold to come off by the end of this chapter; she needs to be able to see. That much I know needs to be resolved. Then, there's the matter of the upcoming reveal that we all know is coming: how do I go about telling these kids the truth? Who does it, and how does it happen? Am I prolonging the inevitable, because I like keeping the audience in suspense? The revelation needs to come, and soon. Even I can feel it dragging out, and that's definitely not what I'm trying to do.

I think I'm on the right track, so long as I continue following my chapter outline, but it's so dang hard for me to do so.

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