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30 November 2004 - 19:07

procrastination shows no discrimination...

Well, here we are again, doing everything in the world except what we're supposed to be doing, which is cleaning our room. And looking for another job. And did I mention cleaning the room? Damn. And tomorrow's Wednesday too. Gotta start on my damn art project so Svl can have something to show tomorrow. I mean, we should at least start sketching what the damn sculpture's gonna look like. Thank God for the damn DELETE button, man. If we just went on typing without earasing anything as we go, this would be one jumbled up mess of incoherent babble. Even so it is.

Well, Grizzly wants it made known that he already finished reading The Lord of the Rings. And that it took him exactly one week and three days to acomplish the task. Ho-hum, I say, but he wants to brag.

Oh, and Dud's comin' home on the 15th. We gon' be real happy ta see her an' all, but the house's a mess. Horrible mess. Like I said, we should be cleaning up our shit if we ain't gonna be doin' Svl's art project an' we ain't gon' be lookin' fer a job. I think we will. Wait a while. ▬�Haste guey, haste guey!▬ nos dicta tentativamente la consiencia. Apuesto lo que quieras que es Ninja el que nos susurra al o�do. And I laugh, dawg, cuz it be true.

Anyway, enough of this. Turn the damn computer off.

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