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12 January 2017 - 22:39

what the silence causes

GRIZZLY: It's silly. I don't even feel like updating this thing, really. But I'm feeling a bit lonely. Anyone home with me? Or am I on my own?

In the shadows, I hear my brother grunt out a laugh. His voice is rough, like his hands. Like his personality.

NINJA: Yo, dawg. Y'said "home alone" and it reminded me of dat thing wit' Donald Trump.

GRIZZLY: First off, I didn't say "home alone," but second, yeah, that was funny. Poke Sal, is he up?

XVL: Meh, go away, guys. I wanna sleep.

NINJA: Y'always wanna sleep. Lazy ass.

GRIZZLY: Everyone else seems to be quiet tonight.

NINJA: Nah, they's ain't sleepin'. Chango's watchin' from the shadows. So's Yang.

POLLA: I can't keep this jealous feeling out of my blood. And it's not even that I want either of them. I just want attention. God, this sucks! I hate being a needy human!

HeadMusic switches on. Being Human by God or Julie.

GRIZZLY: Sheesh. Almost forgot the name of the band for a sec'. But seriously, typing like this sucks. I wish we had a better way of communicating with ourself. A faster way to get it all down.

NINJA: Well, there is, but then y'd have t'go back n' add in all the HTML crap. Either way, it's annoyin'. At least we ain't that lonely no more, righ'? We all be here n' shit. Whoop-de-fuckin'-do. Le's get outta here. I's gonna be hungry soon.

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