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09 February 2017 - 16:51


NINJA: Is there any way to "fave" or "star" a journal entry? I know this shit used to offer that feature. Meh, it's all kinds of fucked up on this site now, anyway. I's still like it. I's know it's all kinds of fucked up to "like" someone else's despair, but his words sound familiar and warm, like smoke.

Anywhore, I's be back at work, doin' jack-all, but fuck it, I'm on my break. Half an hour more t'go. I's real hope dat fat bitch don' come in t'work t'day, either. T'be honest, it wouldn' make a big diff'rence. Work is hell nowadays, anyway. Whether she be here or not. She ain't the problem. In fact, none of the a-holes here are. It's me, man. I's know it, an' thing is, I ain't gon' change anytime soon. It makes Sal sad, an' my teeth hurt, but I's too stubborn t'change. Even if it kills me. Heh. It probably will.

I's need t'buy Big Bang's album. Their music really helps me unwind. I's make their music be th'Head Music 'round here 24/7 if I's could. Well, maybe jus' 20/7, give th'others a chance t'sleep. *grin*

Alrigh', alrigh', Sal, ya' big baby, I'll let you take over n' draw now. Shit.

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