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21 October 2022 - 17:59

moving on (like molasses)

Oh, hey, yesterday was Angel's birthday. Kid is now 17.



Anyhow, NaNoWriMo's just around the corner, and we ain't ready. Fer shit. Grizz and I talked things over, and we came to the conclusion that perhaps it's not the wisest thing to participate this year. Still not sure if we'll change our mind later. It's just that, I mean, well, for starters, we're smack in the middle of Molly's story, and our brain's too full of that Star Wars crap (has been for years, quite honestly) to focus on crafting a whole new story. I don't think Grizz is up to it, anyway. Just thinking about that stuff makes me sleepy. And honestly? Guy needs to take a break. He obsesses sometimes. It isn't healthy.

So, anyway, I think it's better if we just go back to working on Apocrypha during November instead. I mean, at least we have a working script with that. And again, Angel just had a birthday. We started that damn comic when he was four. I think it's high time we finish it. Or at least get the ball rolling again.

Not to mention, this way, Grizz won't have a reason to obsess over his AO3 stats. Or check up on people who he should've moved on from ages ago. Anyhow, my two cents. Switch!

Well, I'm not gonna rehash what Sal just expressed. I wanna talk about Molly. (Mah babe!) Shut it, Ninja.

Man, this past chapter has been coming along so slowly...! A pain in the ass, is what it's been. Especially that bit with Kimiyo, although I knew it had to happen. Some things in my outline can be chucked out, but sometimes, it's necessary to follow my own notes. That conversation had to take place. Glad I'm finally moving out of it.

God, I need a nap.

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