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30 November 2022 - 20:06

I'll finish this later

It's a little sad to admit, but... having no social life does wonders for my writing. All of a sudden, I'm writing almost 1K words a day again. And I'm not even trying.

Molly's story is coming along nicely, but I'm itching to jump years into the future already. Her relationship with Icarus, especially, has me angsty.

09 December 2022

Well, talk about later...!

You ever move yourself to tears because some random OC you made up gave an inspiring speech before a crowd and got them to take up arms against a tyrannical asshole with an entire intergalactic army at his disposal, and you think your OC's gonna die trying, but it's so moving that she riles them all up anyway? No? Just me, then.

God, I love Molly to bits. Even as I sit here, struggling to continue her story. And I had just mentioned above that having no real life of my own was helping my writing. I mean, it has, but now my brain's jumping around on the timelines again. I want to get to the age of the Empire now. I wanna finish her story now, as well as take up Maul's again. And allow Sal time to draw. I keep adding shit to our creative plate.

I guess I'll never be able to finish later. I keep giving ourself more shit to do!

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