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26 January 2009 - 14:40


We finally got the claim settlement check in the mail that we were expecting from the funeral home. It was way more than we expected. But since we got it Saturday evening, after the bank was closed, we had to wait until today to deposit some in our checkings, and now we're gonna have to wait about three days until it posts. Bank said something about Insurance checks being a "little red flag" for them. Whatever, I just hope it goes through okay.

We got home at about 1:45 and we were hungry, so we took the initiative upon ourself to cook lunch for us and 'Ama. Yang did most of the cooking, all the while muttering to himself (and us) while he "sped-cooked" some stir-fry. Broccoli beef with white rice. It came out okay, but a bit too bland. He blames it on lack of time and soy sauce. But even he admits he forgot to put some salt in the rice. Mom only kinda picked at it, which bruised our ego a bit, but in the end, Yowlie and Ninja fucked up our plate, so that made up for it a little. Then again, those two will eat anything. [Yeah, thanks. Way to make me feel better.] Sorry 'bout that.

We logged onto our bank account and were kinda depressed to see that, in effect, the money we deposited hasn't posted yet. At least our new savings account is already hooked up to the 'net. Because yeah, we only deposited about 1/4 of the check into our checkings and used the rest to open up a savings account. Lady said as long as we keep our balance above $500, we should be all set. My bank won't charge a monthly fee or anything. I was satisfied with that, even if the interest rate does suck a rabid squirrel nut (.35%). I'm not too interested in building up much interest anyway. All I care about is having an account where I can put away money for house repairs. The other night we laid the cards out for ourself and mom (She's the one that insisted, actually. We're not too fanatical about tarot. Neither is my mother - so she says.) and they recommended for us to tackle the easy house projects first instead of the most expensive ones, even if the latter were most urgent. I kinda agree with that notion, even if it does make me a bit uneasy.


15:09 Okay, we needed that. My stomach was flip-flopping. Must've been the old orange juice.

Back to what we were discussing, the tarot cards said yadda, yadda, yadda, and we agree for the most part. That's the main reason I wanted a savings account in the first place. There's several things that need repairs around the house. The roof outside is rotting in places, Mom wants to move the laudry room from where it's at because that is rotting too, we need a bigger driveway (Single-car port and three cars? Doesn't mix!), the plumbing is going to shit in places, our central air system's falling apart, we need to reinsulate the house, the electrical outlets on the house are malfunctioning as well, and to top shit off, we still haven't finished the cement fence up around the property, which is supposed to include some corrals for the dogs that they can romp around in when we can't have them lose around the yard. Yeah, all this adds up to some heavy bucks. And did I mention that's just house repairs? Don't get me started on the cars. And Midnight and Knightmare, Junior and Beasters still need to get neutered and spayed. All of this smack in the middle of a recession. See why we need a savings account? Do you see?! I don't wanna go into that stuff too much, though. Don't wanna alarm the kids. But I really need to start looking into all that, as well as getting our school shit back in order. We need to go back to school. There's just no going around it. We'll never get out of this rut if we're not educated.

Enough of all of it, though. We need to start researching solar panels for the house. We out.

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