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22 April 2004 - 18:03

on strike

"I'm innocent in the head, like a baby born dead, destination Heaven, ridin' politic with passengers from 9-11..." - 50 Cent

*Jack slithers frantically around the Closet, screaming and wailing to the top of his alien lung*

BB: Hey, what's wrong Jack? Are you OK?

*Jack pays no attention and keeps running around wailing, almost on the verge of tears. He is moving around blindly, not taking notice of anything or anyone. He bumps into the wall head-on, but only flopps over in another direction and keeps moving, howling something in Zorginian dialect. In a dim section of the Closet, Piojo sits on the bed and observes serenly*

BB: Piojo, there's something wrong with Jack!

PIOJO: I know.

BB: Well... do something!


BB: What do you mean 'no'? It's your job! You're - you're the protector, dammit!

PIOJO: I know. But he needs this. I'm not shutting him up.

*Due in part to the noise, several of the Clan enter the Closet*

MOCO: �Que tiene el 'E.T.' este? �Porque grita asi?

BB: I don't know, there's something wrong with him - and Piojo won't do anything about it!

POLLA: But why? Why don't you help him Piojo?

PIOJO: Don't feel like it.

NINJA: Dawg! Ya gotta do somethin'! Poor guy!

SVL: Or at least tell us what's wrong with him!

PIOJO: He's stressed.


PIOJO: Because you all wouldn't take it on. You deflected responsability and now it all fell on him. Jack is not equipped with the skills to handle all that.

YANG: What do you mean, we deflected responsability? We haven't done shit!

PIOJO: Exactly.


PIOJO: He's despairing. It's that stupid paper.

BB: What paper?

PIOJO: Don't even realize it do you? That damn research paper on multiplicity. You slacked off, didn't do it, and since now none of you seem to give a shit that we're probably gonna fail for not turning it in, all emotion deflected to Jack, who wasn't even aware of the damn thing, and now he's paranoid and sad and stressed and he doesn't even know why.

SVL: Oh.

NINJA (turning on Grizzly): Weren't you supposed to do that shit?!

GRIZZLY: And I would have too, if you all had let me!

NINJA: What you tryin' ta say? That it's my fault? That Jack's like this because of me?

GRIZZLY: Well, I did what I could, so it wasn't me!

POLLA: But you were supposed to write it!

GRIZZLY: Shut up, I never saw you pitching in to help!

YANG: Don't talk to her that way! You want me to whoop your ass?

BB: Hey! Lay off, Yang!

YANG: Who brought you into this?!

BB: I brought myself in! What's it to you?

MOCO: �Y ya no le andes hablando asi!

NINJA: Hey, you back off my man Yang here, a'ight?

*loud clamor as the Clan begin to argue amongst themselves. Meanwhile, Jack continues to wail and run into the walls. He is crying hysterically by then. Piojo sits on the bed, back against the wall, watching everything with mild amusement. No one but he has noticed Gis and the Prophet, as the two enter the Closet silently. The Prophet moves to Piojo's side, silent and mystical. The little one goes to Jack and finally gets him to stop squiggling around by patting him softly on his pointy head. The alien eventually stops screaming and simmers down to a few whimpers and hiccups. The Clan continue to argue until BB finally looks away to Piojo*

BB: Aren't you supposed to be stopping this?!


BB: It's your job!


BB: So? SO?!

*Noticing Jack's subdued mood for the first time, the rest of the Clan fall silent as BB argues at Piojo*

PIOJO: Weren't you all complaining that you depended way too much on me? That I took control whenever anything seemed to stray a little out of the norm? Weren't you all whinning that I kept shoving you into the recesses of GS's mind and not letting you grow strong as individuals? Why should I step in now? Isn't this what you wanted? *He gestures with a scarred hand at all the havoc around the Closet. The Clan stare uneasily at our protector, speachless* Seems to me only two of you even know how to care for one another in stressful situations, and yet they're considered the weakest ones here. And this was only over a fuckin' research paper. *smirks and looks away towards Jack, who is on the floor now cuddling with Gis* Come 'ere, you two.

*Gis takes Jack by a tentacle and leads him to the bed. The Prophet helps them onto the bed and they crawl underneath Piojo's quilt so all is still. The rest of us just stand there, watching, until finally we admit defeat and let Prophet usher us to our protector, and we all allow ourselves to lean on him in the dark*

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