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23 April 2004 - 20:41


It's raining outside. After a day of fluctuating mood swings, Jack decided to dance and twirl outside in the wet. All day we've been alternating between him and Piojo; occasionally Ninja popps up too. Right now we're listening to some soft romantic mushy crap by Mandy Moore. (Polla chose the music. She thinks it goes well with the rain.) SVL drew two pictures, sketches, really, using only an ebony layout pencil. Both are very depressing, we're guessing Piojo influenced him on those. It's the doorway to the Closet and a self portrait of the Human GS. Maybe when we get a chance we'll scan them and put them into our website. Until then, we shall sit still and listen to the rain.

And someone please take that soft shit off the radio!


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