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22 July 2014 - 07:21

stubborn sick

I got sent home from school yesterday, 'cause I was sick and throwing up during lab (kitchen). Chef Jennifer said she wouldn't deduct points off my lab for that day. So today, we're not feeling much better, so we texted Ashley asking her to let Chef know I wouldn't be going in today either. And hence, conflict ensues within the Closet...

Grizzly: Seriously, we should go to class. We don't feel that shitty.

Ninja: Dawg, give it a rest, a'ight? Literally. We's need the shut-eye.

BB: But Ninja... we like going to class!

Grizzly: We have a near-perfect average in that class! A+! Missing just one day will knock us back 25 points!

Ninja:Which we can make up wit' extra credit later. F'real, dawg, I ain't gettin' us up an' at 'em. We's feel better righ' now 'cause we's be lyin' down... like we's supposed to. We try standin' up all day in lab an' then at work 'gain? We's gon' end up like yesterday, gettin sent home from both. That kitchen is damn cold as fuck. We's gon' get worse. I's said no. We ain't goin'. Precisely because we got a near perfect average. We's can spare a day. An' don't sweat it. It'll only be this one day.

MB: Pero I wanna make food to take home! We didn't get to take some yesterday! 'T's not fair!

The argument continues. We're still undecided. Damn.

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