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16 December 2022 - 17:14

superstar, part 1


Molly's alone in the cell for a few hours. Severindas walks in. Guy is livid, barely holding it together. He obviously hates Molly for some reason, and at first, she thinks it has something to do with her being non-Human, since her mind is still running on those thoughts. (Mika and Umirr are bad influences!) Of course, Molly's uncooperative. Severindas transfers her to an interrogation chamber down the hall. It's a torture room, basically. She is immediately strapped down to a containment chair.

Molly can tell, judging by the man's smell and body language, that he is sleep-deprived, caffeinated, and probably on stims. He's also under a lot of stress. He tells her that a lot of his friends are dead now because of her, so she'd better start spewing out the names of her accomplices, or he'll gut her. Molly is just as confused as ever. She doesn't even know who this guy is, let alone who his friends are! And she hasn't killed anybody! She tells him this, but he starts yelling at her, and Molly gets the impression that he wants to cry. Clearly, he is unhinged. Molly is terrified.

He comms someone over, and Molly is upset to see it is Castas again. The Klatoonian is deferential to this man, which Molly takes to mean that he is higher up on the ranking of bounty hunters. (She has no clue at this point who she is dealing with, although she does recognize the Ragnark Syndicate crest on his armor.) Severindas asks Castas if he brought him what he requested, and Castas replies that he did. He took advantage of his trip to CorSec HQ to obtain some Skirtopanol. Severindas is a bit disgruntled, as he says the results from that chemical aren't the most reliable. Still, he'll improvise. Castas hands the vial over and asks if he can be allowed to observe, because he's never seen the effects of the drug firsthand. Severindas tells him to get the fuck out of there and leave the business to professionals. Castas looks angry, but he leaves.

Severindas injects Molly with the liquid from the vial, although Molly begs him not to. Within a few minutes, her body begins to relax, and Molly becomes sleepy... yet unable to sleep. Severindas begins to question her again, demanding that she tell him who she is working for, who bought her, and for how much. He wants to know how much those hundreds of lost lives were worth to her, and Molly, being woozy, takes the question quite literally and begins to calculate aloud how much it costs to keep a being alive: food and housing, clothes, transportation, medical needs. Severindas thinks she's being cheeky and begins to beat her. Molly cries because she can't defend herself, and she's confused. Her Basic begins to slip up, and she resorts to speaking in Mandaba, although that's rather broken, too. All she does is repeat over and over that she didn't kill anyone, that she only got paid for that one acquisition, and that it wasn't even paid in credits. When Severindas asks for names again, she blurts the only ones that she remembers recently: Jor Shorba, Ayc Fyrn and the Selkath (Rilgo Stah).

Severindas comms someone again, and this time, two Drall come down. Hedreg, and the unknown female from before. Hedreg hasn't gone home although his shift is over because he is worried. (He seems to have taken a liking to Molly.) Because he was the one to scan Molly's encrypted datacard, he tells Severindas that those names are merely the acquisitions from Molly's most recent job. He reminds the Human that Selonians don't lie, and that he would probably have gotten more coherent answers out of Molly if he hadn't drugged her. He insists that this is probably a misunderstanding. Severindas dismisses them, but the Drall insist on staying and cleaning Molly up a bit because she's bleeding. Hedreg reminds the Human that they are not on Ragnar VIII, and that he needs to respect the rules of the Corplex. When Severindas grudgingly goes along with it, Hedreg and the female Drall go over to Molly and wipe away her blood. When she is allowed to sit up, she gets severe vertigo and throws up all over the place. The Drall clean that up, too. And while they work, Hedreg begins to sing softly in Olys Coriellisi. It takes her a while, but Molly groggily catches on what the lyrics are saying: Hedreg has already contacted the Selonian Embassy and reported the bounty. He tells her that the Overden is already demanding a stay on the extradition, or they will get the Corellian authorities involved. "Have hope, my friend," he hums. "Have hope."

And... I'm gonna have to split up this chapter too, aren't I?

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