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22 December 2022 - 18:18

story notes

Y'gotta understand, these bounty hunters are being faced with a task they've never had to do before: investigate and process evidence, then come up with a verdict. And by all accounts, bounty hunters are not detectives. The closest they come to that is interrogation (usually with violence) to find out the whereabouts of their quarry. So, is it any surprise that Ashton acts the way he does towards Molly? All he's ever done before is apprehend perps. Sometimes he hires himself out as a sniper, or he'll train new bounty hunters in his guild chapter. The cadets at Orsis are also trained mainly to hone their physical abilities. No one graduates that academy and goes into law enforcement. That's also reflected in what happens to Dexthar. He ends up on the wrong side of the law and goes to prison.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out how wholly unprepared Cradossk and his fellow bounty hunters are in this story. Not because they're incompetent. They're pretty damn good at what they do, but this situation is forcing them to do things outside their expertise. It's like asking a fireman to be a cop. They'll know the gist of what they're supposed to do, but they've never been trained to actually do that.

So, why don't they seek out the real experts, you say? Why not go to the authorities?

Well, that goes back to Orsis operating in secret. Trezza gets a lot of dark money to keep his academy going. He's not evil, but damn right, he's got shady deals going on. And Orsis prides itself in the secrecy of its clients. Those who graduate from there have bragging rights, of course, and people know that training at Orsis puts you high above the rest, but they won't betray Trezza. No regular civilian or even law enforcement/government knows the location of the academy, even. It's why Talzin was having such a difficult time finding out where it was. Did the Jedi know of its existence? Sure, but the coordinates for the academy or even the Orsis system as a whole was not public knowledge. Kind of like how Kamino was secluded, doing their own thing. The coordinates for their system were in the archives (until they got deleted by Dooku), but one had to actively search for the place and know what they were looking for to begin with. Same deal with Orsis Academy.

On a side note, I'm going kinda Feng Shui on these characters. Selonians are Earth, Zabraks are Fire, Nautolans are Water, Weequay are Wind, Togrutas are Wood. (Doesn't mean that's all there's to the characters who are those species in my story, but each race as a whole is represented by those elements for me.

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