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02 September 2018 - 11:52

Naji & Ninja

BB: Aw, Ninja's in love!

NINJA: Shut the fuck up, B. I ain't. 'T's just a dumb cat.

BB: Oh, come on, admit it, buddy. You like her.

NINJA: Likin' don't mean love.

POLLA: And here I thought you were the only one with a soft spot for baby animals, BB!

BB: I know, right? *both women giggle*

XVL: Guys, lay off Ninja already. Of course he likes baby animals! I do, too. I know he always acts the badass, but he's a real softie. He's really good with human babies, too!

NINJA: That ain't helpin', Sal.

XVL: Well, you are! You like babies! You used to be the one who took care of Ángel when he was little, remember? Up until around the time he started preschool. You loved hanging out with the little guy! Now, you never talk to him.

NINJA: Y'know the reason why, dawg. 'T's not that I's love babies, an' wanna million of 'em or nothing, but babies don' judge. Theys don' care what I sound like, how I's look like, as long as I can make 'em laugh, feed 'em, clean their shit. Then they grow up an' society teaches them to be assholes. I's can't even begin to explain to Papo what multiplicity is, let alone what it's like in our head. And when we try, or think of havin' "The Big Talk", people go 'gainst it. "Wait a few more years," Mom said. "Don' traumatize the kids."

BB: Mom never said they'd be traumatized...

NINJA: It's what they mean, though, ain't it? But animals don't give a fuck. She'll curl up 'gainst my foot, look for head rubs an' cry at me for food without givin' a shit. She don' care we're multiple. She trusts us either way. So... yeah, I like the little shit. She's alright.

BB: Well... I'm sorry we teased you, and I understand what you mean. The kids don't know it's me as an individual, but at least I still get to talk to them, hang out with them, and bake them goodies along with Sal. I really think you should throw caution to the wind sometime, though, and just talk to them yourself, with your own voice. I mean, even Jack does sometimes, and they're okay with it. Lalo thinks it's funny, and Anelí is beginning to understand what it means.

POLLA: She's such a smart girl!

BB: Isn't she, though? Way ahead of her brothers, in that sense. Maybe you should talk to her, Ninja.

NINJA: No way in hell, dawg. I'm not sure I's could do it. B'sides, Jack can't help himself. He talks with his own voice 'cause he don' give a fuck. If he confuses Outsiders, he jus' keeps goin'. He don' got responsibilities. He ain't got much t'lose 'cause he knows he's got us, an' d'spite his outbursts Outside, Jack's still pretty internalized.

XVL: Anyhow, we'd better go now. We can take up this conversation later, with Grizzly. He's a smart guy, makes smart decisions. He'll be able to help out... Where is he, anyway? I'm surprised he isn't sticking his nose in this already!

NINJA: Let the guy be, yo. We's all need a break once in a while.

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