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13 April 2020 - 23:25


Jack has been making a friend here at work. His name is Kique, and he's a 19 year-old kid with ADHD. Of course. Jack thinks he's super swell. By that "of course," I don't mean to be a dick. I just mean that Jack naturally gravitates towards quirky people. And there's nothing wrong with being quirky. In fact, another coworker he likes is a high-school kid (he's 18, so UPS says it's okay to hire him) named Aaron. No, not our Aaron, the douche we got hired with. Same name, but this one's a decent kid.

Okay, maybe that's unfair. Our Aaron is probably decent enough, for, well, being Aaron. Haven't spoken to him in years, other than the occasional nod when we run across each other, and most days, not even that. We ignore each other, treat one another with indifference, and that's okay, too. It'd be kinda awkward, really, if we actually got around to talking. We have nothing to say to each other, I don't think. Our hire date is the only thing we still have in common.

Anyhow, back to Little Baby High-School Aaron. He's an okay kid, too, but way shyer than Kique. Jack likes to act silly so he can get red in the face and squirm. It sounds kinda rude to do to the guy, but actually, has helped him come out of his shell some, and now he jokes around a bit with us and with his Hire-Buddy, the Other-Other Chris. (We're the Original Chris, by the way, and Supervisor Chris is the Other Chris. This one is the Other-Other Chris. Jack wanted me to clarify.)

Both Little Baby HS Aaron and Kique are good kids, and BB approves thus far. Kique tends to ramble sometimes, especially when he's annoyed with something and needs to get it off his chest. He tends to start mumbling when he gets like this, but Jack likes the sound of it. His deep rumblings remind us of our little cousin, Baloo. Jack and Kique tend to talk about cartoons. Tonight, Jack asked him if he liked raviolis, and was absolutely shocked that Kique has never tried any. He was so stunned, he almost (almost) offered to give his can of Chef Boyardee beef raviolis to him to try. Almost.

Well, Elias just came into the office and scared Jack shy back into the Closet, which is kind of a relief. That means I can wrap this thing up (I was only adding this update at his insistence.) and start heading home. Because truth be told, we're getting pretty hungry, too. We only had one real meal this morning, and it was fast food, which means it wasn't really good for us. I need to get home and steam me some vegetables. See, now Jack's interest is piqued again. He's hoping for the Brussel sprouts.

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