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07 June 2019 - 14:50

volcano warning signs

NINJA: Okay. So, I be tryin' t'stay calm here. Grizzler said I's need t'calm down. I've been tryin' all since this mornin', after we's talked t'Angel.

It be hard, yo.

XVL: But well, hey, what were we expecting to happen? This is a repetition, isn't it, of what happened back fifteen years or so? Multiplicity isn't looked upon as something normal, even now, after all these years. I can see now, why Grizz is so impassioned about the ideas being touted by the Plurality group on Yahoo!. Without activism, there will never be any awareness. And now it's affecting the next generation, our Papo. [JACK: ¡El mas guapo!]

NINJA: I be angry, still, but in a tired sort of way. I just be so tired of the same shit, ev'ry fuckin' time! We's get it enough from books, an' online, an' pretty much everythin' mainstream. An' I's knew, really, that she never got over it, never really b'lieved us 'bout plurality. She jus' pretends, jus' to appease us, an' make us drop the subject. She wants us t'go 'way. We's don' fit into what her perception of her perfect world should be. We ain't the perfect siblin'. In her eyes, we keep her siblin' from bein' normal.

What that bitch don' see, what she'll never see, is that we be her siblin'. We's what makes up the person she thinks we be. We ain't goin' nowhere. An' if they really be anythin' like us, then neither are Grey, an' White, Blue, Red, Zip, Positive n' Negative.

POLLA: I think Angel mentioned Zip is in reality one of the others, but just uses two names, so...

NINJA: Dawg, y'know what I's mean. It don' matter. They be more than one, an' they jus' be gettin' t'know themself. She can't stunt their development that way; she's gon' traumatize them!

BB: We can't do anything about that now, sweetie. All we can do is act as a counterbalance for her reaction, and offer Papo some stability during these crazy times.

And yes, it's hard for all of us to adjust to the concept of seeing Angel as a group, and as his mom, it's gotta be even weirder for her.

NINJA: But it ain't 'bout her!

BB: I know that. Believe me, I know. But we do need to take her position into consideration. After all, we've been worried since we found out, too, and so has Mom. We've just handled it differently so far. Maybe one day, Angel will decide that he was mistaken, that he wasn't really a system after all, or that he doesn't want to live life that way, and would rather integrate. All of those scenarios are fine, and we have to be willing to accept him in any one of those outcomes. At the end of the day, whatever he decides will be the way he will live out the rest of his life. We already chose how we were going to live ours, and we accept whatever consequences come from it. I know this is a rough patch he's gotta go through, but again, he'll always have us here for him. And in order for us to support his decision, please take Grizzly's advice, and try to push past your anger. Because -

GRIZZLY: Ultimately, you're also only seeing things from your perspective, Ninja. You're seeing this almost as an attack on your own personhood. And you said it yourself: this isn't about Rosa Isela, or you, or me, or anyone else except Angel. Let Rosa Isela think what she may. Don't react angrily. In time, she will come to passively accept it. Whether she truly believes it or not, that is up to her. We can't control the mind of an Outsider.

BB: Piojo told you that.

GRIZZLY: And he's right, isn't he? Fucker is always right.

Anyway, let's get out of this dusty, hot place and get us something to eat.

NINJA: I ain't hungry.

GRIZZLY: No, but we will be later. C'mon, bro.

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