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04 March 2006 - 11:54

screaming like a banshee

"Your mind won't let you say that you want me..."

*Polla wails furiously in the Closet*

SVL: Oh, not again...


SVL: All right, all right! Sheesh, talk about PMS!

YANG: Just leave her alone, guys, she needs her space right now.

NINJA: Dawg, we've been givin' her "her space" fer months now. She gotta get over dis shit.

*Polla looks up at the thug, her eyes suddenly blazing green*


*She jumps from the bed and storms up to Ninja and shoves him back a few paces*

POLLA: It's you! It's all your fault!

NINJA: Hey! Watch it, bitch! Who you shovin'?!

POLLA: It's all your fuckin' fault, you idiot! I hate you!

YANG: Babe...

POLLA: You keep your hands off me! Of course you're gonna defend him, aren't you? Let me go, Yang!

YANG: You've gotta get ahold of yourself, Polla! What's the matter with you?

POLLA: You know perfectly well what's wrong with me! It's this idiot that won't let me Be!

NINJA: Look, bitch, it ain't my fault the Kid won't glance yer way, a'ight?! So back the fuck off already b'fore I slap yer ass down, ho!

POLLA: Not your fault? Not your fault?! Of course it's your fault you ass! You won't let me through to him!

NINJA: What for? So you can make an "ass" of ourself in fronta him? That what you want? You think he'll like you when he meets you? *dry laugh* Cut me a fuckin' break!

POLLA (crying): But you won't even give me a chance!... I said let go of me, Yang! Don't touch me! Nobody touch me! *covers her face and runs back to the bed*

SVL: Damn. *shakes his head*

NINJA: Yer tellin' me. She needs ta get over this shit, fo' real.

POLLA: I can hear you, you idiots! Stop talking about me!

NINJA: Well, stop makin' yerself a subject of conversation! Jeezus!

SVL: You okay, Yang?

YANG: I... nevermind... *shakes his head*

NINJA: Sorry, bro'. I know this shit be hard on you.

POLLA: There you go again, you goddamn popular asshole! "Sorry, bro'." Always with your bro' and your... your "dawg" and "fo' real" and your cusswords and shit! Why do you have to be so cool all the time, Ninja? You with your stupid swagger and cocky-ass grin and you just get along with everyone! You just have to be the center of attention, don't you? Everyone's gotta like you, isn't it? (*Ninja walks over slowly to the Bed*) And everyone does like you, and that's what makes shit so hard for the rest of us! Like me! How can I ever live up to shit like that? How can anyone ever wanna get to know me when they've already met you?! I'll always be the airheaded bimbo standing next to you! You fucker! I hate you! I really hate you! *sobs*

NINJA: I'm sorry. I can't help bein' the way I am. I never meant ta be... in yer way or anythin'. Tha's jus' the way I be. And you've got so much more to offer to people than you think, but ya keep focusin' on all the shit that I do, or that Grizz n' Svl do, cuz we be the ones up front, runnin' this shit. You don't gotta compete 'gainst us. We're fam'ly, baby. *grins weakly*

POLLA: I know. But that doesn't change the fact that Aaron doesn't like me, that he'll never like me but he likes you.

*Ninja sits down on the bed next to Polla, sitting opposite of her*

NINJA: Then he ain't worth it. He's just a dumbass drunk kid. Ain't that right, bro'? *glances over at Yang, who shruggs with a grin*

YANG: Sure thing. That's why I hate his ass.

*Svl smiles*

NINJA: See? Jus' look at shit this way. If there's a guy out there that can survive me, see past me an' Grizz an' Svl an' see you in our eyes... then that'll be the one we let through, a'ight. The rest of these fuckers... they're just eye candy, babydoll. An' you can never have enough candy, can ya'?

POLLA (smiling): No... guess not. I'm really sorry, Ninja! *wraps her arms around his neck* I really don't hate you, you know.

NINJA (chuckling) I know, I know...

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