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22 February 2006 - 14:16


*Ninja groans and takes a hand to his abdomen*

SVL: What's wrong?

NINJA: My gut hurts. I think I'm gon' puke!

SVL: Maybe you'll get the runs instead.

NINJA: Or both. Feels like it's gon' be both. *sneezes twice*

YANG: Whoa, are we getting sick or something?

NINJA: Nah, I think someone's thinkin' 'bout me. *sneeze*

POLLA: Oh, puh-lease. Who'd take time out of their day just to think about you?

NINJA: *SNEEZE!* Shuddup. *gasp, sneeze*

JACK: Ninja needs a boogie-wipe!

NINJA: Nah, I'm a'ight. *blows nose on t-shirt, then sneezes*

POLLA: Augh, gross! You're disgusting!

NINJA: Like you aren't. *blows nose again*

YANG: How's your stomach now?

NINJA: *blinks* Better, actually! I think I needed ta sneeze some. Make the food go down n' shit.

MOCO: That was some good food, �que no, guey?

YANG: The tacos? Sure. 'Ama always makes great food. I'm not sure Jack's choice of dessert was all that great, though.

JACK: *pouts* Jack did not want the tacos, Jack wanted milk with the cereal in it!

NINJA: Yeah, I's know, bro', but dat shit jus' made my stomach hurt.

BB: You should wait a little while before wanting us to eat something else, Jack. Otherwise, we'll get sick like this, okay?

*Jack's lip trembles, and his eye waters*

SVL: Oh, but don't take it that way! We're alright now! Aren't you, Ninja?

NINJA: Sure thing.

SVL: See?

JACK: *brightening* So the Ninja feels better on his tummy, yes? And now he can finish Jack's cereal, because Jack wants to finish his cereal!

NINJA: *looking dubioius* Er...

JACK: Pleeeaaaaaassseeeeeeeee? Jack is still hungry!

NINJA: Ah... a'ight. But only as much as I can take, got it? We can't get the body sick right b'fore work, a'ight?


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