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04 December 2019 - 15:32

testing out of boredom

NINJA: This is gon' become a thing, ain't it?

GRIZZLY: Until we start getting work up here, looks like it. I mean, might as well. We don't update this thing nearly as much as we used to, back in the day.

YANG: We never really updated this one regularly, though. We updated the berkinix one more.

GRIZZLY: True. So, we're back to listening to K-pop and stamping stickers while we wait for both our work and coworkers to get here. It sucks, because we can't really leave our area if there's no one else here, in case we do get some kind of work. I've got half a mind to call my supervisor and ask her to tell the guys downstairs to remove the diverter so we can send down the Expedited and Standard volume we have ready to go. It's not like there's any work for the Air Dock right now. Let me go ahead and do that.

One diverter moved and packages gone later:
NINJA: Dawg, that didn't even make 'ny sense.

GRIZZLY: Don't question my grammar.
XVL: You're one to talk.

YANG: *laughing* I can't believe you went through all that code just to make your point.

*Ninja rolls his eyes in agreement*

XVL: Hey, we learned something new, okay?

YANG: Learned what? How to copy and paste?

SVL: Shut up. Your face is copied and pasted, okay?

*Ninja joins in the laughing this time*

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