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25 November 2005 - 03:00

We've really gotta start sleeping at this hour...

YANG: What is wrong with these people?!
GRIZZLY: What are you on about?
YANG: Nevermind.
SVL: I don't know what's up with Ninja lately. He's so pissed off all the time.
POLLA: Svl, Ninja's always pissed off all the time!
NINJA: Yeah, big whoop.
SVL (nervously): Oh, he-heh. Hi, Ninja. Didn't see you there.
NINJA: I'll bet. *glares*
POLLA: Ninja, why do you hate Aaron so much?
NINJA: 'Cause he's an ass an' he should die. Slowly.
*Yang laughs, but everyone else looks shocked*
YANG: You crack me up sometimes, bro.
NINJA: I wasn' playin'.
YANG: I know. That's what makes it even better.
POLLA: Yang, you insensitive brute, don't you care that our so-called "brother" just wished for someone's slow and painful death?!
NINJA: I never said painful. Though come ta think 'bout it, that sounds like a good plan.
POLLA: Jerk-off!
NINJA: Slut.
GRIZZLY: Ok, enough already! Shouldn't we be asleep or something?
NINJA: Shouldn't you shut the fuck up?
GIS: Tengo sue�o.
MOCO: Way to go, pendejo, you woke the Little One up!
NINJA: Ah, she'll go back ta sleep soon, won't'cha, Chiquita?
GIS: Mm-hmmm... *yawns* Quiero mi monita.
BB: Hang on, mi amor, I'll go find it. *BB walks over to the wicker hamper where all the dirty toys are*
SVL: Really, we should go to bed already, guys. We've got work tomorrow!
NINJA: Yeah, where we'll see Aaron's fuckin' face again! Unless he got in a car accident or somethin'. Or he got arrested. Again. Hopef'lly.
POLLA: Ninja!
NINJA (mockingly): "Call my lawyer!" Shit, I'll make him wish he really had a lawyer... *mutters* Can take his lawyer and shove him up his verga...
YANG: That sounds painful! *laughs*
POLLA: You really enjoy this, don't you, you jerk?!
YANG: Of course! I don't like him either. Stupid kid gets more overtime than we do, and he's got less seniority. That shit ain't fair. And the rest of our anger is your fault anyway, nena. You and B's.
POLLA: What?! It is not!
SVL: Actually, it is. Don't you see? You and BB like the guy, right?
POLLA: No duh!
SVL: Well, you're a really jealous girl, Polla, but since you refuse to stop liking the guy, it was only a matter of time before your jealousy got deflected into the rest of us and turned into anger.
POLLA: Don't be stupid, that doesn't make sense at all!
SVL: Doesn't it?
GRIZZLY: It makes perfect sense, and you know it. Yang is the closest of us to you in emotional composition; you two compliment each other, you balance out. So Yang's really suceptible to your emotions, just like you are to his. Ninja's Yang's best friend, and he's a frontrunner, which means that both you and BB's emotional stability are part of his responsabilities. So both of you affect him, and so does Yang. And, being a frontrunner, he's constantly present, especially at work, since he thrives in that enviornment. I'm usually present at school, where that shit doesn't matter becuase I don't see Aaron there. But Ninja's always around the guy, and all your mixed-up emotions are driving him nuts! I'm surprised he hasn't kicked the guy's ass yet!
BB: Sorry, Ninja. (to Gis) Ten, chiquita.
GIS: �Monita! *cuddles her doll*
NINJA: My ass, yer sorry! I'm tellin' ya, it's a good thing Svl stepped in yesterday to vent out some of my anger in dat drawin', that helped, thanks, man.
SVL: Sure, anytime. Now I just gotta finish it. You think it looks enough like you?
NINJA: In the brain? Yeah, it's kick-ass, bro. Draw a bottle of tequila in my hand, though, an' we'll be all set.
*Yang, Svl and Grizzly laugh*
YANG: I'm glad I'm not a frontrunner like you three. Sounds like it sucks donkey balls.
NINJA (good-naturedly): Well, I ain't ever sucked donkey balls, so I's wouldn' know.
*the guys laugh again*
MOCO: Pero ya, en serio cabrones, es hora de dormir.
BB: S�, ma�ana is another day. Sleep tight, everyone. And I promise I'll try not to dream with whatsisface. *smiles*
GRIZZLY: Thanks, B. At least you're trying.
*Polla sulks and mumbles something, but none of us hear her except Yang, who puts an arm around her and together they walk into the Closet*

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