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12 January 2005 - 17:36

se fue

Dud is gone, and we cry. Most of us are okay, but Gis and Jack don't understand why she has to go away. We miss her already, and Jack threatens to yowl with sorrow everytime we see anything that reminds us of her, which is everything, since she was here for a month. Then she called us just now, from Atlanta, to let us know that she is still on the damn plane, held up, and she is impatient, biting her nails like BB. And the little one's lip trembles because it sounds like she's calling us from the next room, but she's really states away from us, in a different time zone, at that. And we miss her already, and we want her to come home. And no, we don't care if she brings her husband along for the ride, we'll ignore him if she wants to, we just want to see our theeter! And there goes Jack again, one big sloppy wet tear rolling out of his one eye and down our cheek. He pouts. And mom said we should take a nap because school starts tomorrow and we have to be up early and we've hardly slept anything at all since yesterday, but we're too sad to sleep. And it's not like we can tell Dud that we want her to make a u-turn RIGHT NOW and come home where she belongs, because I know she wants to make that turn, she just can't. We're not gonna make things harder for her. *sniff* And we wanna bawl like a baby. But we ain't gon' to, dawg, cuz I don' like ta cry anyway. I mean, who would? And Piojo's gotta point, we HAVE lived without her before, and we were kewl wit' it, weren' we? We jus' need ta adjust, tha's all. That don't mean we're gon' go ter sleep anytime soon, cuz I ain't even sleepy. Maybe I'll drink up a few, make us drowsy... but nah. I don' wanna have a hangover tomorrow for school. I won' wanna get up tomorrow, I's know it. Anyway, there's the phone again, so we'd best end this shit now.

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