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02 September 2016 - 12:40

huggles make the world go round everything better

"Poor Nacho friend!" Jack wails mournfully. He is a vivid shade of violet. (Jack thinks purple hues are sad.) He worries, but he's not quite sure why. He's content (full belly makes for a happy Jack), and wants his friend to feel good, too. It dampens his spirit to know that isn't the case. I know he will try to cheer up Juan when we see him at work in a little while.

As for me, I completely empathize with Juan and the shit at work he's going through. Plus, I feel a bit bad that he no longer has the same outlet we do: culinary school. Seriously, this past Wednesday for me was so effin' awesome, and I was ready to blab to Juan all about it at work, but one look at the sad smile he gave me, that wistful look in his eyes, and that shut me right up. It's like shining my sunshine right through his dark storm cloud, only to illuminate all the shit smeared everywhere. (Weird metaphor, I know. Couldn't think of anything better, dammit!)

I wish I could comfort him, tell him everything will turn out all right in the end. That none of it matters when we kick the bucket anyway, but that's not much for comfort, is it? We're alive and in need now, is the problem, and will likely continue to be for some time. But everything happens in cycles. This [crap] too, shall pass. It's just not making its rounds quick enough.

And don't get me wrong: life's been a real piece a' work for me too, lately, at least at UPS. I know where my friend is coming from. I've just reached a point where I stopped caring. My give-a-damner broke. There are certain things I know I will never be able to change within my work place. It stings, it burns, it pisses me off, hell yes, of course it does, but why stress about it if that's the case? It took me a good, long while to reach that conclusion, but now that I have, there's no going back. I know I will have shitty days at work. I know management will try and screw me over most times than not. Today may well be one of those days. But I refuse to let that dampen my overall spirit. I refuse to have an unhappy Jack. I will depend on his neverending optimism, try and see the world through his one large eye, glazed with pleasure and hope and wonder. I will wiggle my toes (tentacles!) in my work boots. I will make silly faces. (Ooo! At my boss! When he's not looking!) And I will hug my Nacho friend.

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