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06 September 2007 - 16:21

icy fat bitches

I've got Crazy Jane a lot on my mind lately. I don't know why I feel this way, so... scared. So aggressive. I had been doing just fine. And then all of a sudden, SNAP! Again. It happens all the time, I don't know why I'm so surprised. But then again, I always am surprised by this, despite the fact I work in cycles.

So here I am at work again. After checking the EDI's in suspense report, I determined that Zamira didn't come to work today. And if she did, she didn't process anything. She left it all to Alex, and that bothers me, but then again, sus razones tendran. I tell myself this shouldn't bother me, that it doesn't bother me, but that's just a big fat lie. Ninja won't let me alone, won't leave me here to work. And who am I to stop him? It's his job anyhow. And he hates Alex, detests her with the passion he puts into everything he does. I can't make him let it go, and I guess I can't judge the guy. I mean, he was close to her and shit. Even though we told him to be careful around her. Even Polla had her doubts about her. But he didn't listen, and now we had to watch her die and be reborn as ALEX.

Who, speaking of which, just came back to our work area after searching in vain for some ice. Sometimes I contemplate on telling her that eating too much ice will make you fat. (It does, that's why it's best to drink water that's at room temperature instead of ice water, no matter how thirsty you are.) But then again, seeing her swell up like a balloon as time goes by makes Ninja feel a lot better, in a sick sort of way. It's his sweet slice of revenge, and the best part is, she's serving it up to herself. Yeah. Ninja and Yang have some wicked laughs abou that one.

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