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09 March 2022 - 17:48

all in indigo


Ugh. Feeling immensely depressed today. It's been a week. Work has been stressful, writing's been a mess. I can't seem to muster up the energy to keep going today. I feel like Feral: just going through the motions of life, but not really here.

Speaking of the poor kit, let me see where I stand on this story (maybe writing down what I have and where I need to go will motivate me to write some more chapter. At least enough to hit my quota.):

Feral's got a seizure. Nosebleed. Viscus just showed up and assuaged the symptoms. Dismisses Ruul. Once they're alone, he explains to Savage that his brother's situation is proceeding more quickly than he had anticipated. Feral is dying. Because he severed his connection to Dathomir, Viscus has had to supply his ur-spirit with energy a bit at a time, but all he has been doing is acting as a retardant. The soul is still shriveling. If Feral doesn't connect to the Spirit Realm soon, his ur-spirit will fade completely, and his body will die. He explains it like this: Dathomir is like a great tree. The Great Mother Tree. Her roots reach deep into the Spirit Realm (Netherworld of the Force) where she draws forth life (midichlorians) and turns it into ichor. There are other worlds in the galaxy similar to her: Dagobah, Ach-To, Mustafar, Exegol, Tython, and the behemoth one where they all originated: Mortis. All of these planets are anchors to the Spirit Realm (Force-sensitive planets, essentially), but only Dathomir continuously creates more ichor (midichlorians). Because she has an undying wellspring of this life-giving elixir, all life forms she creates are essentially bound to the Spirit Realm (Force-sensitive) as well, even non-sentient life and plants.

When a Dathomirian creature leaves their home world, that power fades in time. Witches lose their magick, Warrior Nightbrothers lose their superhuman strength. Both lose their long lifespans. The only way for this not to occur is for those who leave Dathomir to fully prepare themselves (Adept training/before departing and return periodically to their motherworld. (This is why it is believed that Frompraths went extinct millennia ago after being exiled from Dathomir by the Daughters of Allyah.) This is also that strong bond that Talzin had told Maul about when he was just a wee boy. He is supposedly so powerful that he will never lose this tether. He is the Son of Dathomir, destined to rule or destroy... or both.

19:03So anyway: the Tree. Yes, Dathomir is like a tree (think Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life). All of her lifeforms - her "children" - are like the leaves that grow on her mighty branches. They feed from her roots. In time, when the ur-spirit is ready, it returns to the Spirit Realm and the leaf withers and dies. The wilted body of the leaf becomes fertilizer for the Tree to continue growing. When one of her children leaves (hah, pun very much intended) the planet, that training that they go through is like a gardener carefully pruning a section and transplanting it elsewhere. They will eventually lose their connection to the main Tree, but are still capable of continuing to live and even create life themselves. What happened with Feral, however, is that he abruptly cut himself off. He was so deeply wounded by Dark Side energy, that in order to not infect the Tree, he instinctively severed his own ur-spirit. So that would be like taking a leaf/branch/twig and ripping it off without preamble, then letting it fall to the floor. Without the preparation to live Elsewhere, and the life-sustaining ichor, Feral's ur-spirit is wilting. The boy will be dead before another year passes.

When Savage learns of this, he is devastated. He begs Viscus to do something about it, but the elder tells him that there is nothing he can do. Feral is so strong in his shamanistic abilities, that Viscus cannot reconcile that sundering. Only Feral can do so himself. He knows this because he has already tried, and taken the boy to old Daka, back when the entire problem began. It was Daka who told Viscus and Talzin that the boy had powers that rivaled her own, that not even Talzin would be able to force his Sight, and that if she tried, the boy could, in fact, kill her.

21:02 Viscus theorizes that the only way Feral will try and reconnect with the Spirit Realm is if he meets his lost brother face-to-face. It is the Lost One who must touch his ur-spirit with love and acceptance in order for Feral to will himself to become one with the Web of Life again.

21:34 Aaaaand that's about all the time I have here tonight, folks! Stay tuned for more inane babbling whenever I next get stuck in a rut! And yeah, I'm still stressed and depressed, but at least I have a bit more of a concrete idea as to how to continue this scene. Don't think I'll finish it tonight. Unsure if I'll hit my word count quota, even. I guess we shall see what we shall see.

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