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27 January 2006 - 16:30

the inside joke

"Goodness, you're so aggressive! Le digo, le digo..."

He stared at Roberta and laughed; a deep hearty laugh.

"En serio," Irma popped in. "I mean, look at that! How can you wear that?! Voy a so�ar con ese mono feo, just looking at it!" And she grabbed ahold of his hand and stared at his finger, fascinated and horrified. The thug looked up at Aaron, who stood nearby, watching the whole spectacle, amused. Ninja cocked an eyebrow with a grin. "Whaddo you think, bro?" he asked, flipping Aaron the bird. "You scared of this?"

Aaron's face broke into a grin and he shrugged. "It's just a little silver," he said, nodding towards Ninja's armor-clad middle finger.

"Pero with red eyes!" Irma insisted, waving her hands.

"It's got red eyes?" Aaron asked, coming over for a closer look. "Sure does," Ninja said, holding out his hand. "But this other one's got 'em black." And he flicked Aaron his other middle finger with the skull armor on it.

"�Que feo!" Roberta commented earnestly. Aaron shrugged again. "It's alright, I've had red eyes before..." He looked to Ninja, "But not like that." They exchanged knowing evil grins.

"Why?" Irma asked innocently as Aaron reached for a box on the belt. "You've had pink eye before, Aaron?"

The kid looked to Ninja quizzically, the corners of his mouth turning up already. The thug bared his teeth in a wide smirk. "Sure... something like that," Aaron said. He and Ninja gave each other a knowing look and they both burst out laughing. Irma and Roberta looked confused, but laughed politely. They knew, of course, that it couldn't mean anything good, but they let it slide. Bless those women!

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