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27 January 2006 - 02:14

working chic

So the other day, we let Polla go to work. (gasp!) We just wanted to see how people would react around her. That, and she's lovesick and has been bugging us to let her go. She demands quality time in control of the body now.

Most of the reactions we got were positive. Men turned and stared, commented on how pretty we looked with our hair down. Yeah, same ol' yadda-yadda-yadda. Yet there was one person in particular that she wanted to impress; one person who she wanted to let know she existed within us.

That person, of course, being Aaron. She's nuts about the kid, and we were quite surprised that Piojo would let her go to work and interact in an enviornment that is, by all means, predominantly Ninja's. But Piojo works in cruel ways, we know that now. We always have, actually, but the extremes he will go to teach any of us a lesson is astounding. Poor Polla was inwardly crushed when the kid didn't say anything to us, didn't seem to even notice any difference. In fact, I'm pretty sure he kept away from us throughout most of the time we had our hair down. How devastating. There was a great sense of relief in both his eyes and our posture as the yin finally cried defeat and allowed the thug in us to take his frontrunner position again. Ninja pulled back our hair in one deft motion of the wrist and slipped the black HardRock Caf� bandanna low over our forehead. The cocky stance was back and the mischievious glint in our eye again. Aaron recognized Da Ninja immediately, I could tell. He seemed to sigh within as he lost sight of the pretty stranger and regained his compadre. We were joking around in no time.

Within the Closet, of course, Polla wept.

Because she came to realize what Piojo and Ninja knew all along. That Aaron won't ever like her if he knew her; he likes her thuggish brother much better. Because he can be himself around Ninja, and not with her. He holds back, even though he doesn't realize he does so, because... well, because Polla's a girl, and boys and girls in warehouses don't mix real well. It's that whole cootie thing. That, and those stupid bees and birds and the "thou shalt not mix business with pleasure" thing. Ninja is not a girl; he's in fact, the furthest thing from a girl there is! That's why he and Polla don't get along so well, and why she has come to despise him at times. He steals all her guys. Because he's a frontrunner like Grizzly and Svl and so gets to meet all the cute guys first. Always, she is left in the shadows with BB and the Little One and the alien. With the awful Piojo, who smiles coldly and sinisterly in the dark.

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