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11 October 2010 - 01:07

locks of change

Grizzly: Svl's dyed our hair again. Neon green. Well, granted, Mom does the actual dying. But it was Svl's idea, obviously. Along with Polla, he decided it was a good idea to get it done in time for our license picture.

BB: Ugh. I hate updating on this friggin' phone! It takes too long, Grizzly! Our mind conversations run too fast; I completely forgot what I was going to say!

Grizzly: I know what you mean.

Ninja: prob'ly had to do wit' the Karate Kid movie.

BB: Oh! Right. I was gonna mention how much Yowlie likes it.

MB: No!

BB: But you do like it, sweetie. I think it's cute.

MB: ´┐ŻNosierto!

Yang: Cut it out, 'B, you're crowding him. Leave the kid alone.

Grizzly (muttering): Jumpy little critter.


Svl: Oh, yeah. Ninja turtle ones. We're wearin' them right now.

Ninja: Boxers be so much better'n briefs, yo.


Grizzly: Okay, that's enough for tonight. Come on, people, we've gotta be up early tomorrow... *ushers the others off to bed*


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