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08 November 2023 - 18:11

walking along the lonely street...

Well, here I go again on a rant:

NaNoWriMo is in full swing, and I can't seem to find the drive to write Icky's chapter. It's not writer's block, per se, because I know what's supposed to come, minus some details, but those always pop up as I go. During the day, I'm distracted, and at night, I can't seem to find the focus. And that's because I've been itching to write Icarus's POV for months already. The scene where he reunites with Molly replays in my mind over and over again, and has all summer. Sometimes I drift off to sleep with those two in mind.

But now that it's come time to put it all down... *sigh* I just can't do it. So, as usual, I'm using this thing as a tool. I need to do one of my writing exercises and have nowhere else to do it. Not while I'm here at work. So, here goes nothing!

At the moment, I'm stuck on the BIG FIGHTTM between Icky and his siblings. I've already introduced Jomel and Vobra, who will be my two main players from the Bukk Clan going forward. Icarus has a total of ten brothers and sisters, but four are younger than him, so they won't make an appearance here. The rest will, as will Oonan. Well, maybe not the other older sister, but that still leaves me with three of his brothers that I need to flesh out and make names for. Perhaps this is what's stumping me. I don't like to go in blind on scenes involving new characters if I don't have at least the basic stats down for them.

Now, I know that many of Icky's sibs are half-siblings. Jomel and Vobra are full-blooded like Icarus, the "legitimate" kids, if you will.

23:10 Hrs.

So, first up: names! We know Jomel is the eldest, followed by a half-brother, then it's Vobra, a half-sister, two more half-brothers, Icky, half-sister, blood-sister, half-brother, half-sister. Most male Zabrak names are monosyllabic (Eeth Koth, Lo Bukk, Jarm Brock, etc.), although you'll find a few that are two syllables (Agen Kolar). Female names tend to have two syllables (Sugi, Kadrian Sey, Maris Brood), but you do have the occasional outlier with only one syllable (Jas Emari). Following this pattern, after Jomel comes Grex. After Vobra is Quda (female), then Drasro, Kath, Icarus, Tesh, Darulen, Orvo, and Yei. There's a big age gap between Tesh and Darulen, who is nine years old at the time of this story. This is because Oonan had an injury that required surgery, and complications arose from that. He was taking very strong medication that made it very difficult for him to conceive. Doctors on Iridonia told him that if he insisted on having children, they could be born with congenital deformities or defects. He doesn't care and tries anyway, so Tesh was born deaf and blind. Only then did he stop for a while, but as soon as he recovered enough to where he didn't need the medication anymore, he began having kids again. Yei is only five years old during this story.

Now that that's out of the way, I need to plan the fight scene. Jomel is eager to attack Icarus, because he sees his younger brother as a scourge to the clan. It pisses him off that Icarus looks so much like their father, yet is nothing like him. Secretly, he is also envious, because he constantly craves his father's attention and approval. Jomel is 25. (20-year difference between him and Yei, sheesh! He could be her dad!) Jomel is cocky during the fight, because he knows he is stronger than Icky. He underestimates his brother, who is a savvy fighter, and more flexible than he seems. Icarus begins to outmaneuver him and is only stopped by the intervention of Grex and Kath. Drasro and Vobra don't interfere until Oonan arrives and orders them to teach Icarus a "lesson in family values."

Grex and Kath grab Icarus and keep him in place while Jomel pounds on him, punching him heavily in the gut and ribs. Icarus still manages to kick his brother away at one point; he uses Grex and Kath as upright beams to hold himself up while he kicks with both legs, sending Jomel crashing into the mechanical equipment in the shop and causing a ruckus.

Quda stays on the ship because she's their pilot. She has a square face and broad frame. She doesn't like Icarus either, and wishes she could have joined in on the "fun" of retrieving him.

Anyhow, I know I'm jumping all over the place. As soon as Jomel is down, Icarus wrestles free of his two half-brothers and knocks the two of them down with a single round-house kick that gets them both in the face. At this point, Varassa has heard the ruckus and comes downstairs (the shop is on the first floor, but Tebi and her daughter live on the second floor) to see what the matter is. She demands that they leave the shop, but is ignored. She rushes upstairs to get her mother and a firearm. Meanwhile, Jomel is fighting Icarus again while Grex and Kath pick themselves up with help from Drasro and Vobra. Oonan walks into the shop and tells Jomel to hold Icarus still. He approaches his son and backhands him with a closed fist. This busts Icky's lip open, and Oonan licks the blood off his knuckles, but the young man defiantly spits more blood at his father's feet, telling him to lick that off the floor, and eat his ass while he's at it. Oonan reacts by viciously punching his son in the stomach, an uppercut to his jaw, and finally, another to his face, cutting Icarus's brow just above his eye. Just then, Tebi comes downstairs with a blaster rifle and shoots at the strangers, but she misses. Drasro, Grex and Kath immediately unsheathe their blasters and aim them up at the old woman, but Oonan casually tells them to lower their weapons. He then tells the woman not to interfere, that this is a family affair. Tebi recognizes the tattoo pattern on Oonan's face, sees that they're a metallic gold, and correctly deduces who he is. (Oonan is pretty famous all over the planet, but more so in their area of the world.) She is stunned to learn that Icarus is Oonan Bukk's son, since the surname is rather common, and he never made mention of it.

Although she is awed by Oonan's presence, she does not back down, telling them to get out of her shop. Oonan tells her to relax, that she will be compensated for her troubles, unless she insists on being a bother. If that is the case, he implies that they will put her and her daughter in their place. Icarus, hearing this, becomes distressed and begs his father to leave the two women alone, that he will comply with whatever he wants. Oonan orders his children to teach their brother a lesson, then demands that Tebi tell him where Icarus has been living. When she tells him that the boy has been living in the shop, sleeping in a cot behind the front counter, Oonan has some of his children stop beating up on Icarus and confiscate his things. Vobra volunteers to do this, and offers Tebi several credit sticks while her brothers haul Icarus out of the shop, half-conscious. Tebi refuses the money, telling her to shove them wherever she has room. Vobra laughs and leaves.

Okay! I think I got the basics of the fight out of the way. Phew! This makes me feel a lot better, even though I didn't add anything of substance to my story today. Only 22 words! But this will hopefully help me make up the wordcount for tomorrow.

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