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11 December 2008 - 14:50

man meeting

Ah, yay. We found Dad's Social Security Number and wrote it in the form for the funeral home. Now we can get our money back. After we fax in the paperwork, of course. Getting all our cash back will be a good gift this Christmas for our budget. God willing, we'll finally be able to open up that savings account we've been bugging to get. I know it'll give Mom better peace of mind.

At the same time, I'm afraid of getting that money. There's just so much I need to get done! Cars to fix, bills to pay, house remodeling to finish up, the works.

Ah, ya stress yerself too much, Grizz.

He's right. Cool it down, man. Get yourself a bandaid.

That was beyond lame, Yang.


But see, thing is, I feel tranquil. I'm not too stressed about that stuff, even though I know it needs to get done. Especially Makiaveli's paperwork.

You're calm because you're Sandra-Auroring with me right now.

I know, Svl. It helps a lot, thanks.

I just can't wait to one day be able to make a To Do List and be able to check everything off in one day. One day! I'm working to that, but at this pace, I won't finish the list in one week!

So make the list real short then, dawg.

That's not the point, Ninja.

Just drink your iced tea. Please. You don't want to upset the kids. They're really proud of having figured out a way to get Dad's social without having to rummage around our mess, looking for his death certificate.

We're still gonna need the death certificate, you know. This funeral home paperwork was okay to get by with just filling it in, but in order to get Makiaveli under our name, we're gonna need proof that Pifas is dead.

I know. But hey, bro', just take it one tiny step at a time. We'll solve the big picture eventually. No use stressing over it now that we can't do a damn thing about it. Same goes for Cyke. We'll find his title, eventually, and then we'll get all his paperwork straightened out. We can work on getting him up and running in the meantime, so at least he won't get another of those bright orange police stickers on him.

Yeah, those are a pain in the ass.

I suppose. I know, I know you guys are right. And I try not to stress out, really. I guess I'm just like BB in that sense, I worry to much, I nitpick. But seriously, I feel alright now. Svl really is helping in here. I don't understand how he can manage to keep so calm under all the pressure we get every day. Of all the colors he's had us dye our hair, I guess green really has been the one best suited for him.

Ha! Y're tellin' me. But tha's jus' 'cause we ain't tried silver yet.

Virgin Snow. That will totally kick ass!

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