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01 January 2007 - 03:05

seven and two thousand years

I feel strange. That is nothing new, I always feel strange when I switch. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. *grunt*

Switching makes me feel lightheaded and slightly dizzy. That famous "painless headache" that many systems claim to experience is also pulsing softy somewhere in the back of my cerebelum. I yawn now, but it's not really me that yawns. I'm tired, and I realize with slight surprise that I haven't slept in almost twenty-four hours. The body must be tired. It's a good thing I don't work tomorrow.

POLLA: There's a guy at work that's talking to us. I'm not quite sure yet, but I think he might want something of a relationship with us, and that's scary. Even a friendship relationship sounds threatening to me right now because I don't think I can be a good friend to anyone. I'm too possessive and jealous.

GRIZZLY: We just finished having a conversation with Dud. (God I wish my fingers could keep up with my brain...) She was bitching about her present situation, and although I tried my best to keep control of the body and situation, Ninja kept intercering into my blood with his flashes of hot anger, countered by Svl's persistant nonchalant aloofness to it all. In the end I felt myself losing to both, in which time Piojo took over, of course, and Dud made some comment about my blank stare. I was drowsing already by then (I'm very sleepy), and thus had to be jolted awake by BB. Anyhow, I think it was BB.

See, now, Jack is playing the song "La Cosa" by the mexican version of The Chipmunks in my head. "Fuera de aqui con tu -" �PUM! �PUM! �PUM! "�Me voy a vomitar!"

Anyhow, it took me a few seconds to pull back into position and make the body react. I feel sluggish even now. My fingers are clumsy on the keyboard

NINJA: 'n shit. My head be lollin' back 'gainst the chair n' all. I don' know what the hell be wrong wit' us an' shit. I don' even feel like bein' dom'nant righ' now, yet here I be. I'll fade into the back soon. It be all this stress, I'm tellin' ya.

YANG: God, I hope one of the little ones doesn't dominate soon. Then we'll never sleep, and they might cry. Can't start off the new year like that. It already started off crappy as it is. *grunt* And here I was thinking last year was bad. If the rest of '07 is to be like this, then I don't want in on any of it. I wish you would stop knawing at our lip, BB.

BB: Sorry, can't help it. It's all this stress! I'm sorry, everyone.

NINJA: Whatever, dawg. Just cut it the fuck out.

YANG: I want to sleep, although I'm not really tired. The body seems to be, though. I'm glad Jack is unaware of the problems going on around us and is in a good mood. He's been in a good mood all day, actually, since this morning, just because the Dud was coming home.

JACK: The Dud is home?

BB: Yup.

JACK: Yay!

YANG: I'm sure as hell glad he doesn't know she wasn't too keen on seeing us in return. There are times like this that I really wanna agree with Ninja, but I just can't bring myself to hate her. I love her, she's my little sister.

NINJA: She's older, bro', an' she's a real bitch. I hate 'er ass.

POLLA: We know, you moron, we know.

GRIZZLY: Please let's stop this entry. My vision is threatening to swim out of focus, and the eyes burn. Really, guys, the body needs sleep.

PIOJO: The bear has a point. Go rest, or I will lock the muscles down soon.

NINJA: A'ight, we get it, we get it...

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