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13 January 2007 - 03:16

gathering clouds

Ninja is getting angry again. We are grubby all over, and the Monkey Boy is very frightened. No matter how hard she tries, BB cannot soothe him. Idiot girl. She should know by now that only the alien and the freak are allowed near that wild creature-child.

For the past hour, at least, we have been crammed inside the abandoned doghouse in the backyard. The body barely fits, and our big black boots stuck out through the front. We dozed there for a while, feeling completely neglected and unwanted, but relatively safe, when we heard a yell. A woman cried out angrily to another outside in the dark street and suddenly Jack didn't feel too safe anymore. He quivered and trembled, and since he is connected to the Monkey Boy, the latter did as well, but with more intensity. He clawed despereately at the walls of the dog house, trying to bury himself in the wood, and the sound of every passing car terrified him. That is why we relented at last and allowed ourself inside. Once safe, the hairy little thing became hungry, and scarfed down an old peanut butter and jelly sandwich while the alien washed it all down with some milk straight from the half-gallon. Hunger satiated, we had room for other emotions to come creeping into our blood again, and the thug, being a frontrunner, began to seep in with his fury again. It frightened the children and so we chided him, and brought the children back here to our room. It is something that has a familiar smell and feel and look about it, even here sitting in the dark, and they were content. It doesn't make Da Ninja any less furious, and he lets his temper brew in our blood now, preparing us for the battle to ensue tomorrow morning. Yup, in just a few hours actually.

*sigh* What a bummer. And we were having such a nice day, too...

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