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22 April 2006 - 01:58

rage and tar

*Down With the Sickness by Disturbed playes not so softly in the background of the Closet*

"Get up, come on, get down wit' the sickness!" Shit, I love dat song, dawg. *lets out a low whistle* Man, we haven't updated dis shit in a long time, yo! I'm real dominant right now, an' I can't sleep. T'day, my man Yang an' I were dominant at work, 'cause yesterday Polla wanted ta get out some an' so she did. Right in da middle of the Sort! Little bitch. She slowed the whole night down for us, an' the body ain't used to it, so it made us tired. A'course, today we had ta desquitarnos some, the guys an' I. Mainly me an' Yang. So I went to work all badass an' shit, an' Yang chose our clothes, got ourself ready n' shit. All in black, a'course, since dat be his name n' all. I was bein' a total asshole, since I don't take too kindly on dat little Denise bitch an' neither does Yang. 'Cause she made Polla cry dat one time. Unintentionally or not, we don' give a shit. Polla says Yang n' I looked real handsome t'day, in the clothes we wore. She likes it when Yang picks out our clothes, 'cause he knows how to dress. Or so she says. I say it's a'ight, but lookin' nice is too metrosexual fer me.

*A.D.I.D.A.S. by Korn plays now*

"All day long I dream about sex... All day long I dream about fucking..." *laugh* My right boot laces are coming loose, but I don't mind. Work was fun today. We saw Zamira, and Lord knows I missed that lady. I was gonna type "woman" where I typed lady, but it didn't feel right. Zamira is a lady, make no mistake about that. Not like Denise. Damn right I don't like that little bitch. And that's a personal sentiment that was inside me way before she made Polla upset. That just exaserbated the situation. Listen to me! God, I'm starting to sound like Grizz! Anyhow, Zamira just... she makes me feel really good, you know? Like... a gentleman. Yeah. She's one of the few women that will allow a guy to truly be a gentleman with her. Pull the chair out and open doors and lay my coat over the mud for her and shit. *sigh* I'm really very fond of her. If I were her age, I really think I'd go for her, she's just so sweet to me. *laugh* My heart's beating just a bit faster and harder thinking about her, but it's in a completely good and healthy way. She doesn't make me bone or anything. I just really admire her and stuff. Yes, even though she tends to gossip just a little too much. What can I say? Me da ternura. Yeah, that's it.

*Matate Tete by Molotov starts to play, and the two men dominant in the Closet perk up a little. Their heads start nodding and their bodies pulsing to the heavy beat.*

NINJA: We're not gonna concentrate on typing in this shit no more.

YANG: We're out.

"Y si te pasas, �por que no te pasas a mejor vida? Y si te infectas del virus del SIDA y asi me dejas de molestar; y si te pasa el reventarte, por que no mejor te revientas la madre? �Por que no mejor te revientas la madre? ��Por que no mejor te revientas la madre?!

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