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14 August 2018 - 13:44

updates and boredom


Here I am, at work. Seeing as how I'm typing up an entry here, it's pretty obvious there isn't really much to do at this time.


Ninja is bored as all hell. He hates coming in to work and having nothing to do.

13:53 Well, that was amusing. We almost just got busted on this thing by our boss. Thanks, Alt+Tab! Well, at least now we have a little bit of things to do. Namely, online training. For half an hour. Before we can leave. UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Why won't he just let us leave now?! Believe me, we'll leave! Seniority be damned! *sigh*

I swear, we are so bored, Jack decided to mix our hibiscus drink with apple juice, and we let him. It doesn't taste too bad, but I've had better.

Anywho, so Mr. Boss wants us to do some training online, but we've already done it all, and the system won't let us take any more. That still leaves us 20 minutes to kill before we can get outta here.

So... what have we been up to? Not updating this shit, for one. Or our other online diary-thing. Oh, and a few days ago, we joined a Plurality Activism Discussion Forum on Yahoo!Groups. We haven't really posted anything there, but have been reading a lot. We're interested in seeing how other multiples get along with one another, seeing as how we've had very limited interaction with other systems. A few years ago, we contacted the Astraea System and got a reply, and we even did a mini book review on this journal for them. However, communication with them dwindled down pretty quickly, mainly because we were too shy to try to pursue any further contact.

Then, of course, there's Melian and Mistgod, but I'm not even sure they consider themself to be multiple, plus, they're Sal's friends, not ours. Well, I talk to Mist a little bit, but we're more along the lines of acquaintances. Anyway, other than them, we've pretty much flown solo throughout our journey with plurality, so, ironically, we don't know the etiquette towards other systems.

Deviating onto another topic: we found out today that an Outsider who used to be a friend of ours, has a sick grandmother. I'm not sure how to approach her. On the one hand, I know she is close to her grandmother, and the fact that she has been missing work due to her grandmother's illness means she's really worried about her. On the other hand, we are no longer on speaking terms, and that was by her choice, so I don't know if I should feel concern. BB does, and so does Jack, but as for me and Ninja, we frankly don't give a shit. Sal, as usual, is the neutral one. *sigh* We're an asshole.

Anyhow, we made it the half hour! We get to go home (for a while)! We're outta here!

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