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05 May 2022 - 11:56

mapping out a scene

So, yeah, I'm stuck again. I have been for almost two weeks now. My word count has slowed down to a frickin' crawl; it's so annoying. I am therefore back here to write down the bare bones of the scene I'm currently working on, see if that helps me get my creative juices flowing. (It's either that, or let Tumblr consume meh.)

Daka wakes Feral up. Viscus sits him and Savage down to explain the process of the enchantment he and Daka are going to do:

Viscus is going to transfer out Feral's memories of the Lost One. All of them. Like Savage had said before, there was nothing good that came of knowing about Maul's existence, and was the reason Feral cannot reconnect to the Spirit Realm. It is Feral's love for his brother that keeps him from letting him go and moving on. It is an attachment that the child will not relinquish, even if it kills him.

Feral begins to cry, saying he doesn't want to forget his brother, even if it hurts him. Even if it kills him.

How does the spell work, though? We already know Viscus can steal others' memories. However, doing so on such a large scale will be difficult for him, and draining. Most importantly, such a large amount of knowledge will naturally want to leave him and go back to Feral, especially since the boy is not only hesitant to let it all go, but because he is such a strong shaman himself. Daka warns that even being in close proximity to the boy could trigger the memories to flood back to him. Feral begs and begs, but Viscus tells him that this is the only way he knows to save him. The man promises that once Feral completes his Adept training, and if he deems his soul to be strong enough and ready, he will return his memories to him gradually. The part Daka will play is to bind the memories to Viscus once the man takes them. This must be done by blood kin, she explains. Savage, remembering that he was told that his blood would be needed, erroneously believes that he is to be the recipient of Feral's memories. When he declares his willingness to do so, Viscus finally addresses the young Adept, telling him that no, he will absorb the memories himself.

Savage is stunned and hurt. Angry, he demands an explanation, since blood kin are required. He thinks Viscus lied to him about his parentage, that the man really is their father after all, but denied it. Calmly and sadly, Viscus explains that he did not lie. That he did not sire Talzin's sons, but that he was their blood kin. That everyone involved in the ceremony was related. That is why Daka is the only person who can help them: she is their blood kin, too. He never offers specifics, but for Feral, none of that matters. He realizes that he is in the presence of family, that they are all a family, which is all he's ever wanted. He weeps because he doesn't want to forget that, either.

Viscus promises that he will only forget specific events, but that the love he feels for his lost brother, for his family, will remain. He also informs Savage that the real reason he is there, and will be a part of the ceremony, is because Viscus is going to steal his memories, too. He cannot continue to burden Savage with hidden truths any longer, he rationalizes. Viscus knows what it is like to be weighed down by secrets, and this is something he does not want for the boys. He tells Savage that although he is grown now and cannot be shielded from hard truths (repeating words Savage had told the elder in the scrublands months before), he is not yet ready to carry the burden of lying to those he loves. "I hope you never are," he says. Savage is despondent but agrees to it more readily than Feral. He is tired, and wishes his life were as simple as it used to be. He also knows that his lost brother will be in danger if he and Feral continue to hold on to him. He decides to trust in the Spirits, in the Twin Deities, that they might someday lead his brother home. He promises Viscus that he will never forget everything the elder has done for them, to which the Clan Leader merely replies: "If I can help it, yes you will." Feral finally tearfully agrees to undergo the procedure as well, and the boys are put to sleep.

Scene change back to Orsis (or rather, what is left of it).

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